Ps.31:15 – My times are in your hand; rescue me from the hand of my enemies and from my persecutors!

There are two enemies of recognizing the Lord present in our life today; these enemies are the past and the present. Often, when someone’s relationship with the Lord cools off, they think of the good old days when “the Lord was really moving”. I have often run in to old friends who reminisce about what the Lord used to do in our church back “in the day”. I also am grateful for what the Lord has done over the years but I am also aware of His working right now. He is always working right under our very noses. That other enemy is our hope about future revival or other prophetic events. Remember when Martha told Jesus she knew Lazarus would be raised up at the last day? What was Jesus response ? “I am the resurrection right now.” Too often we put our expectation on some future event when the Lord is present and working today. Here is how Dietrich Bonhoeffer describes this.

“The most profound matter will be revealed to us only when we consider that not only does the world have its time and its hours, but also that our own life has its time and its hour of God, and that behind these times of our lives traces of God become visible, that under our paths are the deepest shafts of eternity, and every step brings back a quiet echo from eternity. It is only a matter of understanding the deep, pure form of these times and representing them in our conduct of life, then in the middle of our time we will also encounter God’s holy present. “My times are in your hand”. Serve your times, God’s present in your life. God has sanctified your time. Every time, rightly understood, is immediate to God, and God wants us to be fully what we are…. Only those who stand with both feet on the earth, who are and remain totally children of earth, who undertake no hopeless attempts at flight to unreachable heights, who are content with what they have and hold on to it thankfully—only they have the full power of the humanity that serves the opportune time and thus eternity.”

So we love Christmas past, we have some precious memories stored up there. We also know His coming is going to be quite amazing. What I want to focus on this Christmas is this; He is present today. Our today is in His hands. He is doing above what any of us can even conceive. What is our response? Be still; watch, wait, and listen. My today is in His hands.

3 Replies to “PRESENT WITH GOD”

  1. I love reading these blogs every morning before I go into work at the post office. It gives me a Jesus boost in my day. Thanks for blogging pastor Frank.

  2. Now is the time to believe, turn to God, and dwell in His loving presence!
    In the NOW God can speak to us and we can respond in faith!
    In the NOW Jesus can touch, heal, forgive, inspire!
    In th NOW he fills us with His Holy Spirit and refreshes us!
    Acts 17:28 “For in Him we live and move and exist.”

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