Jn. 14:26 – I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever;

I love to look at Bible words. This verse contains a classic example of looking at shades of meaning in the original Greek New Testament. In this passage Jesus is teaching His disciples about the coming ministry of the Holy Spirit. The disciples were overwhelmed that this would be their last night with Jesus; they couldn’t comprehend ministry, or even life for that matter, without Him. He was encouraging them by telling them that this is why He came, He came to die for man’s sins so that they too could experience the intimacy and power of the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. This phrase, allos Paracletos, just about says it all. Allos is a particular kind of another. It means another the same as the former. Jesus was saying the Holy Spirit would be just like Him. Here is how Dick Mills defines allos.

“another, allos (al-loss); Strong’s #243: One besides, another of the same kind. The word shows similarities but diversities of operation and ministries. Jesus’ use of allos for sending another Comforter equals “one besides Me and in addition to Me but one just like Me. He will do in My absence what I would do if I were physically present with you.” The Spirit’s coming assures continuity with what Jesus did and taught.”

Then Jesus used the word Paracletos. We translate it comforter, Counselor, advocate. Helper, Intercessor; it actually means all of that. Here is how Brother Mills defines Paracletos.

“Helper, parakletos (par-ak-lay-toss); Strong’s #3875: From para, “beside,” and kaleo, “to call,” hence, called to one’s side. The word signifies an intercessor, comforter, helper, advocate, counselor. In nonbiblical literature parakletos had the technical meaning of an attorney who appears in court in another’s behalf. The Holy Spirit leads believers to a greater apprehension of gospel truths. In addition to general help and guidance, He gives the strength to endure the hostility of the world system.”

So you put that phrase together and you have dynamite. The Holy Spirit is another Helper exactly like Jesus. The significant difference is this; the disciples were really observers to the ministry of Jesus. They would now become participants. Jesus was saying the Holy Spirit would come upon them and give them a supernatural ministry like He had. That same power and intimacy is available now. Draw near to the Lord and you too will be baptized in the Spirit.

2 Replies to “JUST LIKE JESUS”

  1. Oh yes I am ,I was, this is exact dynamite truth, thank you Lord God, believe or not I was born again in your church Victory fellowship in Metairie year 2000.

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