Jn.14:16 TPT – And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Savior, the Holy Spirit of Truth, who will be to you a friend just like me—and he will never leave you.

This verse has been very important in my life for many years. It marked the first time Jesus began to teach the disciples extensively about the Holy Spirit. He used a powerful phrase in this passage to describe Him, allos Paracletos. Jesus would not be on earth physically after His death and glorification, this would be the beginning of the age of the Paraclete, the precious Holy Spirit. He would continue the ministry of Jesus; He would work in and through His followers. He would also apply the saving work of Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection to our lives. As always, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working in unison. Here are some powerful thoughts from the notes in the Passion Translation on this verse.

“The Greek word used here is paráklētos, a technical word that could be translated “defense attorney.” It means “one called to stand next to you as a helper.” Various translations have rendered this “Counselor,” “Comforter,” “Advocate,” “Encourager,” “Intercessor,” or “Helper.” However none of these words alone are adequate and fall short in explaining the full meaning. The translator has chosen the word Savior, for it depicts the role of the Holy Spirit to protect, defend, and save us from our self and our enemies and keep us whole and healed. He is the One who guides and defends, comforts and consoles. Keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ, our Savior. The Aramaic word is paraqleta, which is taken from two root words: (1) praq, “to end, finish, or to save,” and (2) lyta, which means “the curse.” What a beautiful word picture, the Holy Spirit comes to end the work of the curse (of sin) in our lives and to save us from its every effect! Paraqleta means “a redeemer who ends the curse.”

I love that, the power of the curse is broken. We are liberated through the power of the Spirit to live totally free lives. We are free from sin and the issues that held us back in the past. We are made whole by the work of the Spirit. The beauty of this can’t be kept back, we have to share it with everyone who will listen to us. We are now carriers of the Holy Spirit to this needy world.

4 thoughts on “WHAT A SAVIOR”

  1. I like this “What a beautiful word picture, the Holy Spirit comes to end the work of the curse (of sin) in our lives and to save us from its every effect!”

  2. And I know that Father’s commands result in eternal life, and that’s why I speak the very words I’ve heard Him speak.

    Yes I have that taste in me now. And to a point that if it don’t taste right I spew it out quickly.

    I just a mere man who will never have the right words to explain Him as He does Himself. Like you said we have to read and let Him teach us and then as He has taught us we shall remain in Him.

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