My.5:34 – And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

That was the sweetest sound this lady had heard in over twelve years. Twelve years of being alone, without human contact because of the disease in her body. She was unclean and her life had been very restricted for twelve years but now she was called “Daughter”. She could hardly believe her ears. She had grown accustomed to the judgmental tone and look of religious men over the years. “This is the judgement of God on you. What have you done to deserve this?” Hints at immorality had become far too common but now that was over. She was not only healed but the Lord had called her His daughter. She didn’t have to suffer physically, the dark shadow was no longer weighing on her emotions. She had a new life now. She would never be in that pit of sorrow again. Here are some thoughts from the ESV Study Bible on this miracle.

“Daughter. Having been on the fringes of the crowd surrounding Jesus, the woman now finds herself welcomed into the family of God. Your faith has made you well would suggest both physical and spiritual healing, for Greek sōzō can mean either “heal” or “save.” The woman’s faith in Jesus for physical healing at the same time became faith in him for salvation from sin).”

These words from Jesus were loaded with good news. She was now a daughter, included in the family of God. She was healed of that nagging, foul disease. She was also made whole. The word Jesus used for healed in this verse is referring to her whole being. Her body was cured, her emotions were healed, and her inner being was flooded with light. How is it today in your life? Maybe you have been suffering in loneliness for a long time. Humans are avoiding you and friends have been few for a very long time. It may even seem that God has forgotten or even forsaken you. That’s exactly were this woman was the day everything changed. How did it change for her? She heard stories. She heard stories about blind men seeing, lame men walking, and even prostitutes forgiven. The stories finally got to her. She was going to find out for herself no matter what. She was going to Jesus for herself. Have you come to that place of desperation? Sometimes that’s the place miracles start. Go to Jesus for yourself, everything will change when He calls you His son or daughter. That will be the beginning of a whole new life.

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