Mk.7:32-35 – Some people brought to him a deaf man with a severe speech impediment. They pleaded with Jesus to place his hands on him and heal him.

So Jesus led him away from the crowd to a private spot. Then he stuck his fingers into the man’s ears and placed some of his saliva on the man’s tongue. Then he gazed into heaven, sighed deeply, and spoke to the man’s ears and tongue, “Ethpathakh,” which is Aramaic for “Open up, now!”

At once the man’s ears opened and he could hear perfectly, and his tongue was untied and he began to speak normally.

God’s word is full of power and revelation. Today, I want to take a look at this miracle and make some observations that stand out to me from God’s word.

My first observation, this man represents all of us when we try to function in life without Christ dynamically involved in all we do. He was deaf and had a severe speech impediment. Without revelation we can’t “hear” the Lord’s voice in our life. When we don’t hear His voice, all of our speech is garbled and void of power. I call that a spiritual speech impediment.

The second thing that stands out to me is this, they brought this man to Jesus and pled with the Lord for healing. This is how we deal with all of our issues, bring them to Jesus and petition Him for intervention. He responds when we bring our problems directly to Him.

Next, I notice that Jesus took this man away from the crowd. This accomplished two things, He was away from the noise and unbelief of the world, and He was alone with Jesus. That is where miracles always take place, this is where lives are made whole.

Jesus then did the unthinkable, He put His fingers in the man’s ears, spit on His hand, and put the saliva on the man’s tongue. When you take drastic measures like that, somebody better get healed.

Finally Jesus looked into heaven and commanded this man ears to be opened immediately.

The results? This man began to speak and hear. The people were amazed and began to glorify God. Let this passage soak into your heart. Maybe you will hear His voice and speak with a new clarity as you get alone with Jesus.

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