Ps.92:3,4 – Melodies of praise will fill the air as every musical instrument,

joined with every heart, overflows with worship.

No wonder I’m so glad; I can’t keep it in!

Lord, I’m shouting with glee over all you’ve done,

for all you’ve done for me!

Music and singing are our response to the Lord. To those who live with eyes wide open singing is not optional. When we see His glory in the sunrise, we hear His joy in the songbirds, we feel His power in the crashing thunder, our response is to glorify Him with a song. When we see the rays of revelation in the scripture; redemption, adoption, election, sovereignty, our hearts break out in His songs of joy and celebration. When we think of our testimony; how He knew us from our mother’s womb, He kept us safe in our years of rebellion, He provided for us from our first breath, and He revealed Himself to us on the day of our new birth, we can’t hold in the sounds of joy that erupt from deep inside of us. Here is how Spurgeon describes this phenomenon.

“It was natural for the psalmist to sing, because he was glad, and to sing unto the Lord, because his gladness was caused by a contemplation of the divine work. If we consider either creation or providence, we shall find overflowing reasons for joy; but when we come to review the work of redemption, gladness knows no bounds, but feels that she must praise the Lord with all her might. There are times when in the contemplation of redeeming love we feel that if we did not sing we must die; silence would be as horrible to us as if we were gagged by inquisitors, or stifled by murderers. I will triumph in the works of thy hands. I cannot help it, I must and I will rejoice in the Lord, even as one who has won the victory and has divided great spoil….When God reveals his work to a man, and performs a work in his soul, he makes his heart glad most effectually, and then the natural consequence is continual praise.”

So take a look around as you begin the new day. Listen for His songs outside as creation displays His glory, search for His grace as you open up the scriptures, bask in His love as you sing your songs of joy to the Lord. Yep, I think its going to be a great new day.

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