Isa.61:1,2 – The mighty Spirit of Lord Yahweh is wrapped around me

because Yahweh has anointed me,

as a messenger to preach good news to the poor.

He sent me to heal the wounds of the brokenhearted,

to tell captives, “You are free,”

and to tell prisoners, “Be free from your darkness.”

I am sent to announce a new season of Yahweh’s grace.

This is a very special prophetic word first spoken by the prophet Isaiah. Think about it, of all the scripture texts Jesus chose this one to be His first message and to be preached in the synagogue in His home town of Nazareth. What is it about this scripture that is so vital? First it declares the messianic claim, the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me. That is exactly what Messiah means, the one who is anointed. Next, He begins to proclaim the very essence of His ministry; good news to the poor, healing for broken hearts, freedom for captives of sin and addictions, prisoners are no longer isolated in darkness, and the season of God’s grace has come for all mankind. This is literally the fulfillment of the Year of Jubilee. Here is the description from the notes in the Passion Translation.

“The title of Messiah is taken from the Hebrew verb “to anoint.” Messiah means the Anointed One in both Hebrew (mashiach) and Greek (Christos). Our Lord Jesus quoted this passage in Nazareth (Luke 4:16-21) and introduced his “jubilee” ministry to Israel (Lev. 25). The first three verses of this chapter describe the twofold mission of Jesus: (1) to open the door of the day of grace to the world; (2) to proclaim the day of vengeance coming on sin, darkness, sickness, and eventually, the “goat” nations. As a prophet, he comes to preach the new season of grace; as a priest, he comes to heal; and as a king, he comes to decree and herald peace and freedom to the captives.”

I love the last part of these notes; He is our prophet, proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord. He is our heavenly priest, He has come to heal us on the outside and the inside. He is our King who brings pardon and freedom to the guilty. That sermon marked the beginning for a new day for all mankind. The Messiah has come and Jubilee has begun.

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