MATT. 5:3 – “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest of all sermons, nothing else even comes close. In it we find the summation of the teaching of Jesus to His disciples. He starts off His message with His beatitudes. These short, profound statements introduce us to a different kind of life. It is makarios in Greek and toowayhon in Aramaic. These words could be defined as supernatural or God’s kind of joy. This is the joy that humans were meant to enjoy and Jesus is teaching us the kind of life that enjoys this blessedness. Here is how the Passion Translation Notes describe this blessedness.

“Blessed are they.” The Aramaic word toowayhon means “enriched, happy, fortunate, delighted, blissful, content, blessed.” Our English word blessed can indeed fit here, but toowayhon implies more—great happiness, prosperity, abundant goodness, and delight! The word bliss captures all of this meaning. Toowayhon means to have the capacity to enjoy union and communion with God. Because the meaning of the word goes beyond merely being blessed… The implication of this verse is that the poor in spirit have only one remedy, and that is trusting in God. This total reliance upon God is the doorway into the kingdom realm.”

He starts this teaching with today’s verse, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God”. Here are some comments from the passion Notes about this verse.

“humble in spirit,” or, “poor in spirit,” which means to be humble and totally dependent upon God for everything. It is synonymous with “pious” or “saintly,” not just in the sense of those who possess nothing. It could be translated “Delighted are those who have surrendered completely to God and trust only in him.”

This is the beginning of supernatural joy, total God dependency. This describes leaving behind human effort and leaning on God for all things that pertain to life. This is a description of those who have learned to pick up their cross and follow Jesus. Its in dying to self and no longer trusting in our own resources that we can begin to access the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God, the supernatural realm of the Spirit, belongs to those who have humbled themselves. This is the beginning of supernatural joy, “it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me…”

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  1. Tired of the ups and downs of doing some things God’s way, then some things your way? Then start today, right now, “no longer I that live, but Christ lives in me” That is when you will qualify yourself by Matt 6:33 “seeking first the kingdom and His righteousness and (my interpretation) God himself will take care of all your concerns, strengthen where you need help, even reverse the damage. He will have your back and supernaturally, work on your behalf, even doing things that you forget!

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