I Kings 19:19 – Then Elijah passed by him and threw his mantle on him. And he left the oxen and ran after Elijah..

The story of Elisha is my story and your story. We were just living meaningless, average (or less than average) lives when Elijah passed by. When the mantle of Elijah touched Elisha his questions were answered and his life plans were now settled. That’s how it was with me, when Jesus threw His mantle on me in the summer of 1973 my course was set. Nothing could ever compare to the life I was now tasting, my longing for this mantle charted the course of my life. Here is how Sister Aimee describes this calling.

“Ah, how sacred memories stir within our breast as we read of Elisha’s call! How the tears spring to our eyes unbidden, and we feel like a tug at our hearts as we remember the day – O, happy day of days – when our Elijah, Jesus Christ, the King of heaven, passed through the field of life in which we toiled and and cast His dear mantle o’er our lives. And that face! O, brother, do you, say, do you remember how it shone fairer Trahan the morning, brighter than the dawn? O, sister, do you remember how are hearts melted and brake, when He said, “Follow Me!” And how we cried out: Goodbye land of doubts and haunts of pleasure – Farewell, seat of scornful and counsel of ungodly men – Farewell, bright lights and empty tinsel – gaiety of sin’s delusive path! I’ve see the face of Jesus, the heaven lit face of the wondrous Son of Man; I’ve seen His smile, I’ve heard His voice, and my being thrilled as He cast o’er me His mantle of mercy, love and power – henceforth will I follow Him!”

Some think it is a great sacrifice to leave our worldly activities to follow our Elijah. That tells me that one has never felt the power and beauty of the mantle of the Lord. For those that may need a clearer explanation the mantle was the prophet’s coat representing the anointing upon his life. Jesus, the Anointed One, has placed His “coat” upon our lives. Like He promised His disciples, “You will be clothed with power not many days from now”. Have you tasted the power of His mantle? When He throws His mantle over you your true life will finally begin.


  1. How absolutely beautiful this is!! Thank You Jesus for calling me out of darkness to walk with You in Light all the days of my life!!!! Hallelujah!!

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