Mic.2:12,13 – Amp. – I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob; I will surely collect the remnant of Israel. I will bring them [Israel] together like sheep in a fold, like a flock in the midst of their pasture. They [the fold and the pasture] shall swarm with men and hum with much noise. The Breaker [the Messiah] will go up before them. They will break through, pass in through the gate and go out through it, and their King will pass on before them, the Lord at their head.

Breakthrough, who doesn’t need a breakthrough. Everything from finance to health issues, work drama, to family emergencies; breakthrough is something all of us look for. What does breakthrough actually mean to you? For me it is a sudden, dramatic change in circumstances. It awakens visions of David killing Goliath and setting the Philistine army on the run, or maybe 185,000 Assyrian troops being killed when laying siege to Jerusalem. All of us pray for those sudden changes in our circumstances but it seems like real breakthrough is more like an elusive pipe dream. That’s why today’s verse is so critical. Did you read it? Did you catch the source of all breakthrough seen in this passage? Breakthrough does not come from some extra human effort, it is the work of the One Micah calls the Breaker. Jesus is the author of all breakthrough and I think He is preparing for a major breakthrough in our world today. Here is how the Expositor’s Commentary describes this verse.

“Suddenly a figure, called “the Breaker” (NIV, “One who breaks open the way”), appears in the narrative and goes up before the multitude. Led by the Breaker, the people burst through the gate of the enclosure to form a procession with their King at their head. Micah envisions a time when the kingdom of God will burst forth into sudden reality and the people of God will be manifested. He affirms that the strictures that now prevent the visible realization of the power and glory of God’s kingdom and that blur the identity of God’s people in the world will be shattered and the Breaker will lead his people to glory.”

I like that. Breakthrough is a corporate thing as well as a personal thing. How can I be sure that the needed Breakthgrough will happen in my life? It is really quite simple, get as close to the Breaker as possible and you will follow Him as He breaks down every wall of resistance in your world.

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