Acts 3:7-10 – Peter held out his right hand to the crippled man. As he pulled the man to his feet, suddenly power surged into his crippled feet and ankles. The man jumped up, stood there for a moment stunned, and then began to walk around! As he went into the temple courts with Peter and John, he leapt for joy and shouted praises to God.

When all the people saw him jumping up and down and heard him glorifying God, they realized it was the crippled beggar they had passed by in front of the Beautiful Gate. Astonishment swept over the crowd, for they were amazed over what had happened to him.

The Bible literally pulsates with the power of signs and wonders. From the first moments in the upper room with the tongues of fire to the miracle services that were held daily in the temple courts, in those early days Jerusalem was ablaze with miracles. If you think about it what else could you expect? From those first days with Jesus healing lepers, paralytics, and the blind – what else could you expect? The same amazing miracle power that was working through Jesus was now on the apostles. In today’s story Peter and John were going about their daily routine, they were headed to morning prayer at the temple. A man who had been at this location for many years grabbed their attention. Before you knew it he was walking, and leaping, and praising God. That should be the expected norm in church; signs, wonders, miracles and of course – walking, leaping and praising God. Here are some comments from the Passion Notes on today’s story.

“the gate called Wonderful in Aramaic. It is difficult to ascertain which of the many gates of the temple this might have been, and there is varying speculation with no certain conclusion. However, this Beautiful Gate points to Jesus Christ, who is the gate or entrance into the sheepfold of God. Furthermore, it hints of Ezekiel’s temple, which has a river flowing out from the threshold through the gateway of the temple. This river was first measured to be ankle deep. This man, lame in his ankles, was healed by the spiritual “river” that flowed out the “Beautiful Gate” of Christ. The gateway opened up and the river poured out of Peter and John, bringing healing to the lame.”

Have you been to the wonderful gate lately. I hear that Jesus is there like always- you too will be walking, leaping, and praising God.


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