SOS 5:16 – Yes, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, And this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem!

This is my Beloved! I can hear the maiden crying this out with all her heart! Anyone who has glimpsed this One has to join in this beautiful chorus, “This is my Beloved”. Two things strike me about this proclamation, first is the personal nature of this declaration. “This Beloved is mine”, this is very personal. It makes no difference what anyone else thinks or does, my Beloved is mine. He loves me and is most beautiful to me. Second is the striking, and remarkable greatness of this One. He is incomparable to all the other loves and lovers this world offers. His love is unconditional, irrevocable, and transforming in nature. He has beckoned me, awakened me, and satisfied my empty soul. No one or nothing I have ever known in this life is comparable to Him. His intimacy and greatness is impossible to describe. This is my Beloved! Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this lovely One.

“Christ is represented by a great variety of sensible things, that are on some account excellent. Thus in some places he is called a sun, in others a star. And he is especially represented by the morning star, as being that which excels all other stars in brightness, and is the forerunner of the day…. He is compared to a lion, in one verse, and a lamb in the next, so sometimes he is compared to a roe or a young hart, another creature most diverse from a lion. So in some places he is called a rock, in others he is compared to a pearl: in some places he is called a man of war, and the captain of our salvation, in other places he is represented as a bridegroom. In SOS 2:1, he is compared to a rose and lily, that are sweet and beautiful flowers; in the next verse but one, he is compared to a tree, bearing sweet fruit. In Is. 53:2, he is called “a root out of a dry ground”; but elsewhere, instead of that, he is called the tree of life, that grows in the midst of the paradise of God.”

Who is He to you? A light in darkness, peace in your storm, healing for your body, living water for your thirsty soul? He is all of that and more! This is my Beloved!

5 thoughts on “THIS IS MY BELOVED”

  1. Amen !!!’Yesssss!!!!! Love ❤️ – Yes – He is incomparable to all other love and lovers this world has to offer!!! Thank you Father for all that you are to us !!! We LOVE you JESUS!!

  2. He is the most thought inspired and generous giver. To receive a gift from Him, not only makes us happy but potentially can be life altering. Nobody does this better!

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