Gal.3:28 -There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

The death of George Floyd exposes the sin of racism bound in the hearts of all humans exposing our fallen state. Only the power of redemption and the regeneration of the Holy Spirit can change that. History teaches us that the outpouring of the Spirit is the only cure for racism. Touch our nation Lord. Victory Church is proudly Pentecostal. Our roots can be traced to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Azusa Street In Los Angeles in 1906. This move of God was led by William Seymore, the son of a slave from St. Mary Parrish in Louisiana. This revival is still sending shock waves throughout every continent of the world. Azusa Street was characterized by interracial services and apparently race was not a consideration for most participants. The world was different in 1906, the Holy Spirit is the same. Here is an excerpt from Vincent Synan describing the Azusa Street Revival.

“The revival at Azusa Street, under Seymour’s leadership, also stood in opposition to the racism and segregation of the times, as blacks and whites worshipped together under a black pastor. Frank Bartleman, a white Azusa participant, captured the spirit of the historic meeting by these words: “The ‘color line’ was washed away in the blood.” There was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and Seymour was God’s chosen leader at this crucial time in history. Seymour’s leadership qualities blossomed in a time when African Americans were not considered to have the capacity for leadership. Nevertheless, Seymour would dispel these racist myths by leading one of the greatest revivals in American Church history.”

Our nation and our world are being torn by racial strife and people using racism to advance political agendas. The church holds the key, the only key to this hatred that eats away at our world. Racism is bound in the heart of fallen man. It is not about color it is about hatred that eats away at our insides, it is the curse of sin. The only way to change comes from regeneration, being born again. The only way to walk in love toward others is renewal, the continual renewal of the Holy Spirit. We need an outpouring to break this curse of sin. We need a people full of God’s Spirit walking together in love, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. Come Lord, send your fire once again.

7 thoughts on “THE ONLY END OF RACISM”

  1. Amen. Forgive Your people Father, heal our land! The soil of our hearts is broken, tilled, and ready for Rain!!! We need Revival ABBA!!! Come like You said for Jesus name sake!!! In one accord and one voice we..the Spirit and the bride say..Come !!!

  2. Praise God for Azusa St, the outpouring that opened the times to inclusion of all believers to be one in Jesus!
    Looking forward to another end-time revival that will close the age the same way!

  3. Jesus, thank You that You don’t see us by the color of our skin, but just Your children, together forever with You! Only You can take the division the enemy tries to cause, and turn it around to unite us all together in You !
    Thank You Jesus❣️💞🥰

  4. As a kid of the 60’s I remember hearing white adults without conviction spewing out racist remarks, not just to those of African decent, but also other ethnic groups, in front of me and other kids. These same people, I would see taking their family’s to church on Sunday’s. Even at that young age, I knew their words and attitudes were.not ones I shared. When I asked why these people were so “bad” their answers, even to me a kid seemed made up, “they ALL …. Every human is made in the image of God, period.

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