Rom.8:20 – For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the consequences of human sin.

There are critical seasons in this world that awakens us to how close we are to eternity breaking in. Times like 1973 when war for Jerusalem broke out, or 911 when the terrorists bombed the Twin Towers, and even Katrina. Those seasons caused me to stare straight into the eyes of eternity and conclude, there is not much time. We live in one of those moments right now. We are on the downside of a three month (so far) pandemic and basically a world wide quarantine. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, a police officer kills an African American while all of us look on resulting in protests that gave way to rioting, looting, and vandalism. Our nation is killing itself before our eyes. My conclusion, there is not much time. This fallen world is about to give way to a brand new world. Here are comments from Barclay about the end of this age.

“The dream of the renovated world was dear to the Jews. Paul knew that, and here he, as it were, endows creation with consciousness. He thinks of nature longing for the day when sin’s dominion would be broken, death and decay would be gone, and God’s glory would come. With a touch of imaginative insight, he says that the state of nature was even worse than the state of men. Man had sinned deliberately; but it was involuntarily that nature was subjected. Unwittingly she was involved in the consequences of the sin of man. “Cursed is the ground because of you,” God said to Adam after his sin (Genesis 3:17). So here, with a poet’s eye, Paul sees nature waiting for liberation from the death and decay that man’s sin had brought into the world.”

I would’ve be surprised if nature gets involved next. I heard of rumblings yesterday of a 5.5 earthquake in Southern California and a tropical storm is making noise in the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe we are supposed to open our eyes and take a good look at what s happening. Creation is groaning, crying out in anticipation for what’s next in the Lord’s prophetic time clock. Soon there will be the unveiling of the Lord’s sons and daughters, that’s really what all the commotion is all about.


  1. God’s word say’s (paraphrased) If we don’t take the time to show reverence and honor to our Creator, the rocks will. Something to think about.

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