Rom.8:19 – The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!

Paul has been teaching the amazing message of salvation for almost eight chapters. He has just finished a section on sonship. No wonder he is excited about the coming kingdom. It is literally breaking in on us everyday awakening a hunger for the kingdom of God. Paul is describing a yearning in creation itself for the reign of Christ on earth. For those of us who have tasted the power of the world to come we must admit, we too are standing on tiptoes and stretching our necks peering into the coming kingdom. The stuff that we face in this life begins to fade into the background of our lives as we anticipate what is next. The good things that we relish have lost their attraction, the regrets from our past have been washed away by His love, the suffering and injustice of this world fades into the background as we sense the advance of the glorious coming kingdom of God. Here is how Barclay describes this verse.

“In Romans 8:19 he uses a wonderful word for eager expectation. It is apokaradokia and it describes the attitude of a man who scans the horizon with head thrust forward, eagerly searching the distance for the first signs of the dawn break of glory. To Paul life was not a weary, defeated waiting; it was a throbbing, vivid expectation. The Christian is involved in the human situation. Within he must battle with his own evil human nature; without he must live in a world of death and decay. Nonetheless, the Christian does not live only in the world; he also lives in Christ. He does not see only the world; he looks beyond it to God. He does not see only the consequences of man’s sin; he sees the power of God’s mercy and love. Therefore, the keynote of the Christian life is always hope and never despair. The Christian waits, not for death, but for life.”

I guess the question we must ask is this, what exactly are we waiting for? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop, your ship to come in, or are your sights fixed on Christ and His coming new world? Renewal of the Holy Spirit can wash away the fear of future tragedy, the regrets of past mistakes and sin, and plant the joyful expectancy of the new world in our hearts. All I can say is it time to get up on our tiptoes too.

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  1. What I’m anticipating, reveals where I am at the moment. It’s a good thing we have help that knows exactly when and how we need it.

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