Isaiah 52:8-9The Kinsman Redeemer is a mysterious character in the Bible. This man of mystery is seen in the story of Ruth. Ruth was a childless widow who was cared for by Boaz; Christ ultimately came from this unlikely marriage. Ruth is a great picture of the church. We were outcastes and unable to care for ourselves until the Lord took us in. Just as Boaz protected and provided for Ruth, the Lord has covered and redeemed us. He is our provision and protection in all things. Here is how MacArthur describes the Kinsman Redeemer.

“In Hebrew, the word for kinsman-redeemer is Go’el HaDahm. It comes from the word lig’ol, which means “to redeem.”

As the name implies, a kinsman is a family relation, usually the next of kin if there is no brother or another male in the immediate family. And according to the dictionary, a redeemer is someone who buys, buys back, recovers, pays off, or exchanges something for goods.

Putting it all together, a kinsman-redeemer is someone, usually the nearest relative, who is charged with the duty of restoring or recovering the rights of another and avenging any wrongs in exchange for something.

By law, the kinsman-redeemer had two main responsibilities: (1) to redeem family property that had changed ownership, and (2) to marry a childless widow and raise children in her dead husband’s name.”

Maybe you feel like an outcast, unable to fit into your world. You find it hard to survive and feel unprotected in this dangerous environment. Just as Boaz took in Ruth as his bride, Christ has taken us in. He has pledged all of His resources to protect and provide for all of our needs.

This example reminds me again of the great mystery of the incarnation of Christ. God Himself became one of us. He is our closest relative. He became a human that we can be included in His family. If He is my protector and provider I have no concern. My role is to stay totally dependent on Him and to enjoy this unlikely relationship. Christ is my kinsman Redeemer.


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