Isa.4:4 – And the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion and cleansed the bloodstains of Jerusalem by a Spirit of justice and by a Spirit of burning.

This passage gives us a prophetic glimpse into two functions of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. The Baptism in the Spirit gives us a sense of the justice of God so that we begin to understand His judgements and His decisions. In the same way the Holy Spirit enables us to make wise judgements. The second function is the Spirit of burning. The Baptism in the Spirit is a literal immersion into the fire of God. This fire fills us with a passion for the Lord, cleanses us from defilement, and fills us with the literal power of God. This fire will burn powerfully within our hearts. Here are some wonderful comments from the Passion Notes on this verse.

“By the Judging Spirit and by the Burning Spirit, the Lord (Adonai) will wash away the filth from the churches of Christ—even bloodstains. The Hebrew word for “Spirit” can also be translated “breath” or “blast.” The blast of justice and the blast of fire are coming to cleanse God’s people. This Spirit of Judgment releases holy vision to see things as God sees them. Decisions will be made by the justice of God, not the prejudices of men. It is not that he merely executes judgment but that he demonstrates perfect discernment to see what is holy and what is not. This Spirit of fire (a possible reference to the baptism of fire, Matt.3:11) will thoroughly cleanse God’s remnant and make them holy by refining fire. A fire of passionate love for Jesus Christ will cleanse the church. The fire of love as a seal over our hearts will keep us pure from temptation and end-time distractions.”

These two functions of the Spirit are vital in our day to day lives. There are many times the opinions of the world can become overwhelming to us and we can easily be swayed from our Christ like life and standards. The Spirit of Justice (or judgement) helps us to see the situations in life from God’s perspectives and make godly decisions. The Spirit of burning is also essential in our everyday life. We need power to live a godly life as well as power to minister to others. Christianity is supernatural and only the baptism of fire can sustain us.

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  1. For so long I looked at the fire of God as an enthusiastic aspect associated with new believers living out a born again gift (on fire for God). I seem to have been ignorant to the cleansing process that is at work, confusing it with attacks from the enemy, causing frustration, when in fact, I was fighting against a new direction placed in front of me. The Spirit of Burning is there to aid us in applying and understanding The Word as we suddenly change from fallen man to redeemed sons and daughters. The change is instant, the understanding comes as we seek it.

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