Ps.73:26 – My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

You can tell a lot about someone when you discover what that person really loves. Someone who really fixates on clothing may be revealing their inner narcissist. As Henry Scougal used to say, “you can determine the excellence of a man’s soul by the thing he values”. David used the term portion when referring to his wealth; this was a concept in his day that referred to his inheritance or you could say his net worth. David said that the Lord was his portion or inheritance. David was saying that the Lord was more valuable to him than all of his possessions; that is a mouthful for a king.

Augustine focused on the everlasting nature of God as our portion. He declared the Lord was his wealth now and also in the life to come. Here is Augustine’s description of God as our portion.

“What is it, brethren? Let us find out our riches, let mankind choose their parts. Let us see men torn with diversity of desires: let some choose war-service, some advocacy, some divers and sundry offices of teaching, some merchandise, some farming, let them take their portions in human affairs: let the people of God cry, “my portion is my God.” Not for a time “my portion;” but “my portion is my God for everlasting.” Even if I alway have gold, what have I? Even if I did not alway have God, how great a good should I have? To this is added, that He promiseth Himself to me, and He promiseth that I shall have this for everlasting. So great a thing I have, and never have it not. Great felicity: “my portion is God!” How long? “For everlasting.” For behold and see after what sort He hath loved him; He hath made his heart chaste: “God of my heart, and my portion is God for everlasting.”

Augustine talked about the different “portions” people may choose in this life. These portions could range from fame to fortune, and from positions of power and influence or accomplishments in the world of business. All of these earthly “portions” have one thing in common. They are all temporary, when this life is over they are gone. The Lord is the only “portion” that satisfies us on earth and is our very own in eternity. He is my portion forever.


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