Jn.1:10 – He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him.

These past few days I have been reflecting on the miracle we call Christmas. Today’s verse is one of those that caught my attention, the Creator entered into creation when He took on a human body in Bethlehem. Somehow the infinite entered into the finite, the eternal entered into space and time. One of the things that has really boggled my mind in all of this is that the Lord created space and He created time. He is “I am” sitting outside of time as an observer. Time is meaningless in His existence. So for us living inside of time, time and space are something of a wall or veil. I think time and space are the fabric of creation, moving outside of them we move into God’s realm. Here is how C. S. Lewis describes this strange reality.

“We picture God living through a period when His human life was still in the future: then coming to a period when it was present: then going on to a period when He could look back on it as something in the past. But probably these ideas correspond to nothing in the actual facts. You cannot fit Christ’s earthly life in Palestine into any time-relations with His life as God beyond all space and time. It is really, I suggest, a timeless truth about God that human nature, and the human experience of weakness and sleep and ignorance, are somehow included in His whole divine life. This human life in God is from our point of view a particular period in the history of our world (from the year A.D. one till the Crucifixion). We therefore imagine it is also a period in the history of God’s own existence. But God has no history. He is too completely and utterly real to have one.”

That last statement is really important, “He is too completely and utterly real to have one (a history). The Lord is always present and always at high noon. In other words, there are no shadows in His world, He is there and He is perfect. He is also with us and for us. Being outside of time has huge advantages, He views our future just as we would view our past. Not only does He view my future, He is already there in it orchestrating things for my benefit and His ultimate glory. Celebrate the miracle of Christmas, space and time have been visited by the eternal One beginning that first Christmas.

3 thoughts on “THE FABRIC OF CREATION”

  1. Thank you Pastor Frank for delving into such wonderful things that do boggle our mind! Even though we can’t figure it all out , we still learn from pondering the infinite and wonderful things of God—-just how Glorious and omniscient He is!

  2. I agree, it used to make me afraid, but today it comforts me to know that I can’t figure it out bc it reminds me just how big God is!! How unsearchable are His Ways…past finding out!🤯🤯🥰

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