Gen.50:20 – As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to keep many people alive.

The story of Joseph has many beautiful lessons for all of God’s children, especially those who feel they have been set apart and chosen by God for the work of the ministry. Joseph began to sense that the Lord had something special for him since his early childhood. He had been given prophetic dreams from the Lord as a child that would span Joseph’s life. His father, the patriarch Jacob, had given his son, Joseph, a multi-colored coat which typified this unusual calling and plan the Lord had for Joseph. Between the coat that Joseph received and his goings on about his dreams, his brothers had had quite enough. They figured they could sell him into slavery, tell his dad that he was dead, and they would be finished with Joseph’s stories once and for all. The one thing the brothers didn’t realize was this: the Lord orchestrates all things to bring about His plan. Joseph’s dreams were from the Lord and they would certainly come to pass. The rest of the story reads like an action movie. Joseph was sold to slave traders headed to Egypt, purchased by a powerful officer close to Pharaoh, and falsely accused and put in jail. When the years went by, at the fullness of time, Joseph’s dreams brought him before Pharaoh. His prophetic dreams saved Egypt, exalted Joseph to second in command in Egypt, and paved the way for deliverance and provision for Jacob, his sons, and the whole tribe.
Of course Joseph’s brothers thought Joseph would seek revenge, but Joseph walked with God. He told his brothers that they meant evil, but God meant it for good. Learning this lesson can keep you from years of worry, anger, and revenge. If you are following the Lord, whatever comes your way will ultimately work out for your good and will advance the kingdom of God. Years had passed since Joseph had been sold into slavery by his brothers. Looking at his life and how it unfolded with eyes opened by faith caused Joseph to come to his conclusion, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good”. Maybe you have things you don’t understand that have happened to upset your plans and expectations of how your life would pan out. Have a look through Joseph’s eyes of suffering and see God’s plans cannot be stopped.

2 Replies to “GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD”

  1. That gives me great thought to some things of the past that were bad, but perhaps now for good! God’s plans are always perfect, it just takes some time for us to see them, and be inline for them to come to past!

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