John 21:4 – But when the day was now breaking, Jesus stood on the beach; yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus.

This was possibly several weeks after the resurrection but resurrection dawn was still among them. The day was now breaking- this new gospel day – was breaking in on them. Christ was alive and their new day had just begun. The disciples were still acting like life was going on as before Christ had interrupted their lives three years before. Now they were back to fishing – of all things. Seeing Christ on the beach – at the break of dawn – was reminiscent of Malachi’s Son of Righteousness dawning with healing in His wings. This was God’s new day. Here is how Spurgeon describes this scene.

“A new era has commenced. The day of David’s enthronement was the beginning of better times for Israel; and in a far higher sense the day of our Lord’s resurrection is a new day of God’s own making, for it is the dawn of a blessed dispensation. No doubt the Israelitish nation celebrated the victory of its champion with a day of feasting, music and song; and surely it is but meet that we should reverently keep the feast of the triumph of the Son of David. We observe the Lord’s day as henceforth our true Sabbath, a day made and ordained of God, for the perpetual remembrance of the achievements of our Redeemer. Whenever the soft Sabbath light of the first day of the week breaks upon the earth, let us sing…
As the sun in heaven makes the natural day by his light, so does Christ the Sun of Righteousness make ours a spiritual day.”

If we are not careful the darkness of this age will blind us from what is really happening all around us. Our lives are more than just an existence, just going fishing for the purpose of survival. The rest of the world lives for that, we have entered a new day and now we all have a new occupation. I am not saying all of us are called to speaking ministry. What I am saying is that all of us are called to kingdom business. John called Jesus the morning star in his last prophesy in the book of Revelation. The morning star is literally the prophetic announcement of the beginning of the day of the Lord. That day on the beach with Jesus was important, it was calling all of us to cast out our nets for the final harvest.

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