Acts 3:19,20 – And now you must repent and turn back to God so that your sins will be removed, and so that times of refreshing will stream from the Lord’s presence. And he will send you Jesus, the Messiah, the chosen one for you.

As many of you know I got saved in the summer of 1973 on the lakefront in New Orleans. I had been attracted by the singing of some Jesus freaks and their testimonies ultimately resulted in my salvation. Thinking about why I came to Christ in that way rather than just attending a church brings us face to face with why there was a Jesus Movement in the 1970’s at all and maybe why there is apparently another one brewing in this generation.
I was really looking for authenticity. Now I know there were many authentic Christians in the traditional church in those days but overall the services were pretty predictable and were culturally not appealing to the hippies in 1973. I wanted to find people who were living out their Christian faith. I was looking for a way of life, not a good church to attend. Revolution was in the air, change was needed, and I found those ingredients when I met the Jesus people who had experienced the life change that I was longing for. They were worshipping God from their hearts and worshipping Him in their own culture. There were Jesus rock bands developing that promoted this new way of living. The Bible was central to this Jesus community; not just reading it, but building your life on the premises of the scripture. I found myself embracing this movement and spent four years in a Jesus community in California. The pillars of my Christian life were established in those four years.
Since those early days of my Christian faith I have longed to see another spontaneous move of God that would touch a generation. This generation is ripe, a new Jesus Movement is inevitable. At this writing our church will be hosting a “Let Us Worship” event on our property today. Sean Feucht and this “Let Us Worship” movement has the smell of the Jesus Movement on it. Conditions are ripe for the Lord to move in this way again. Most of this generation is tired of what the church has offered over the past twenty years and is looking for something other than a casual Christianity. The unrest of the riots and demonstrations of 2020 is still hanging in the air, Covid has caused us to realize that man does not have the answers, many are now turning to the Lord. Something is stirring in our land – I can’t wait to see what happens today.


  1. May the levees burst with the Lord’s Living Water ushering in many to His precious Salvation!!

  2. Yes and Amen! As they were in the days leading up to Pentecost, in one accord, praying and worshipping God! Most importantly, they were obeying Jesus to wait on the Holy Spirit, till He endued them with power.

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