1 Sam. 30:6 – But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.

This life is full of trouble, the important thing for all of us is how we respond when trouble comes. Today’s verse speaks to us from one of the low points in David’s life. His community had been burned down by his enemies, his family had been taken into captivity, and all of his men were threatening to turn against him. David’s response shows the importance of a spiritual response in crisis; David strengthened himself in the Lord. How would you do this? Stir up God’s promises in your heart, call upon the Lord, and worship Him despite your circumstances. This is the way David faced crisis and the Lord met David time and time again. Here is how Maclaren describes this verse.

“David had his choice. He could either, as a great many of us do, stand there and look, and look, and look, and see nothing but his disasters, or he could look past them, and see beyond them God. Peter had his choice whether he would look at the water, or whether he would look at Jesus Christ. He chose to look at the water, and when he saw the wind boisterous he began to sink—of course, and when he looked at Christ and cried: ‘Lord, save me!’ he was held up—equally of course. Make the effort not to let the sorrowful things, or the difficult things, or the fearful things, or the joyous things, in your life, absorb you, but turn away, and, as the writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews says, in another connection, ‘look off unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of faith.’ David had to put constraint upon himself, to admit any other thoughts into his mind than those that were pressed into it by the facts before his eyes; but he put on the constraint, and so he was encouraged because he encouraged himself.”

What kind of battle are you facing today? Look to God’s promises, call upon His name, stir up the gift of the Holy Spirit in your belly. Paul surely had this in mind when Timothy was facing persecution. What did Paul Say? “Stir up the gift of God that you received through the laying on of my hands”. Go ahead, stir up God’s gift in your life. The strength of God will see you through; He will more than see you through; He will lead you in amazing triumph.


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