Ps.18:32 – The God who encircles me with strength,
And makes my way blameless?

The Lord loves to anoint His people with His strength. Have you ever thought about the ridiculous things the Lord has asked His followers to do? He told the lame man to do the impossible, pick up your mat and walk. He told the disciples to take the gospel to every person in the world. He told Peter to walk on water. We can’t forget His command to feed five thousand men (maybe 20,000 including women and children) with a little boys lunch his mom had made for him. The list of impossible tasks that the Lord has commanded His people to do is endless. The amazing thing is that He actually accomplishes the very things He commands through us. He anoints our head with oil and our cup is over overflowing. Augustine famously said, “Lord, command what you will but give what you command.”
To be put in a situation where the challenge in front of you is not only challenging, it is absolutely impossible, is the place of miracles. Peter was strengthened to walk on water (even if it was only temporary), the multitudes were fed with the little boy’s lunch, the lame man picked up his mat and went home, and the followers of Jesus are still taking the gospel to every creature. We have been empowered to do that for the last two thousand years.
This is where we get out of a defensive posture and go on offense. Rather than being empowered to just ward off the attacks we are advancing, tearing down strongholds as we go, and bringing the gospel to another lost generation.
What kind of things has He asked you to do this year? After this last year we have all had I think it is time to advance. Maybe He has asked you to start a specific small group, one that just includes new Christians. Or maybe He is asking you to reach out to the suffering, visiting the forgotten in assisted living homes. For some it may be starting a prayer group at work. For another it may be outreach into the French Quarter or outreach through our “Feed the City” ministry.
Regardless of where He is directing you to go, He is encircling you with His strength and ability to do the task. You may feel inadequate; that’s a good thing because He is your adequacy. You may feel unqualified; He is your qualification. So let’s get going, it’s time to go forward. His strength is in us as we go.


  1. Though He lives outside of time, we still do, and ours is limited and could end at any moment. I had a dream 10+ years ago that woke me up crying that I died and had not left enough love behind. What about you?

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