Mk.6:41 – Looking up to heaven, he blessed and brake the loaves; and he gave to the disciples to set before them.

Isaiah said that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts; as high as the heaven is above the earth so are God’s ways higher than our ways. In other words God’s math is not like ours. How could five small pieces of barley bread and two small fish feed 5000 hungry men? This is where God’s math comes into play. Jesus took the fish and the loaves and looked up to His Father in heaven, He then began to bless the loaves. This is where infinite trumps physical limitations. There was enough for 5000, there may as well have been 5 million; there would have been enough for them too. The blessing of God is limitless, all things are possible when God puts His blessing on something. Here is how Watchman Née describes the blessing of the Lord.

“Surely the one fundamental need in our life and service for God is the blessing of God upon it. No other need exists. What do we mean by blessing? Blessing is the working of God where there is nothing to account for His working. For instance, you calculate that a dollar should buy a dollars worth. But if you have not paid your dollar, and God has given you ten thousand dollars worth, then you have no basis for your calculations. When five loaves provide food for five thousand and leave twelve baskets of fragments—when, that is to say, the fruit of our service is out of all proportion to the gifts we possess—that is blessing. Or, to be rather extreme, when, taking account of our failures and weaknesses, there should be no fruit at all from our labors, and still there is fruit—that is blessing. Blessing is fruit out of all relation to what we are—results that are not just the working of cause and effect. Blessing comes when God works wholly beyond our reckoning, for His name’s sake.”

This is exactly what our generation needs, the unfathomable blessing of God. We have been so programmed of the idea that “science” answers everything that we have eliminated the Creator of science out of the equation. The Creator of fish and bread is still working unexplainable miracles for those who look to Him. Bring your insufficiency to the Lord today and watch for the blessing of the Lord.

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  1. The most underappreciated blessing: Jesus ripping the veil and giving anyone unlimited access to an audience with Him. The worst offenders are not the unlearned, but the enlightened ones who look for substitutes.

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