Ps.110:2 – The LORD will stretch out Your strong scepter from Zion, saying,
“Rule in the midst of Your enemies.”

I was recently reading various commentaries concerning Psalm 110 and I came across something in verse two that I had never considered. Albert Barnes said that the enemies of God are us and He rules over us by ruling in our hearts. Now this verse may include other enemies and other conquests but I think Barnes is absolutely correct. We were once God’s adversaries. Everything we did was contrary to Him and His kingdom until the day that He conquered us. Salvation is more than forgiveness. Now don’t misunderstand, forgiveness is amazing and essential for us to come to the Lord. But the conquering is a whole different thing. My heart, your heart, was contrary to God. Our thoughts, deeds, and words were not building the Kingdom of Jesus Christ; we were anti in all we said and did. Jesus came into my life and conquered that rebellious person I used to be. That person has been absolutely vanquished so that Christ can reign in me and through me. Here is how Albert Barnes describes today’s verse.

“Rule thou in the midst of thine enemies. Set up thy power over them and reign in them. This is a commission to set up a kingdom in the very midst of those who were his enemies; in the hearts of those who had been and were rebellious. His kingdom is set up not by destroying them, but by subduing them, so that they become his willing servants. They yield to him, and he rules over them. It is not here a commission to cut them off, but one much more difficult of execution,—to make them his friends, and to dispose them to submit to his authority. Mere power may crush men; It requires more than that to make rebels willingly submissive, and to dispose them voluntarily to obey.”

His conquest of us did not destroy us, it totally transformed us. We have been conquered in our inner man that Christ can reign in our lives. We are no longer enemies, we have become His friends. Imagine that, I am called a friend of God. No matter how far gone someone appears they are never really too far. You may be the crooked tax collector like Zacheus, you could be like the tormented man in the tombs in Gadara, or you could have seven unclean spirits in you like Mary Magdalene; it doesn’t really matter. Jesus will conquer your heart and call you His friend.

2 thoughts on “RULING YOUR ENEMIES”

  1. It is absolutely amazing to me that He makes me willing to obey him.. what a conquering Love! How we can delight in Him and learn to love the ‘stretch marks’ !! How my love for him and his love in me overrides ‘my way’… ?????. How he can tell me ‘no’ and I can say “ok, Lord..your will and your way..” unbelievable!!!!

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