Luke 1:46,47 – And Mary said:
“My soul exalts the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

This short verse is a great description of spontaneous worship that smacks of authenticity. It awakens scenes in my mind from great worshippers of days gone by. Of course it reminds me of David who danced with all of his might in the streets of Jerusalem. As far as we know there had never been a scene quite like this. A king dancing and worshipping? To me this is proof of something supernatural in the atmosphere, David was dancing before the ark of the covenant even at the risk of offending his wife. Sometimes worship will cost you something but the joy of His presence is well worth it. When God is present like that, dancing is not optional. Then there was Mary who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears and poured very expensive ointment all over Him. Again, Jesus Himself was there, the glory of His presence was overwhelming to Mary of Bethany. Her worship was authentic and spontaneous. She had tasted something most the disciples had not, she had to worship.
In today’s verse we see Mary’s response to the angelic visitation and the glory of God that filled her room. Luke said the Holy Spirit overshadowed her. Mary’s worship could not be contained. The two words Luke used to describe Mary’s worship were “exalts” and “rejoiced”.
Exalts is the interesting Greek word megaluna. It means to enlarge or amplify. To manifest in an extraordinary degree. This is the same word Luke used in the book of Acts to describe the gentile worshippers being baptized in the Holy Spirit at Cornelius’ house. As they were filled with the Spirit they spoke in other tongues; spontaneous and supernatural is the mark of true worship. These newly baptized believers were magnifying (megaluna) the Lord in their new heavenly language. Tongues became the overflow of their hearts as they had been enlarged by His presence. The prayer language magnifies the Lord.
The other amazing word in this passage is rejoiced (agailliaio). The literal meaning of this word chosen by Luke (or the Holy Spirit) means to break into dancing and leaping. Amazingly this is a common occurrence to people who are filled with the Spirit. The Great Awakening which birthed our nation was characterized by leaping for joy. So Mary, the mother of Jesus, apparently leaped and danced when the Spirit came upon her. This is the kind of worship our hearts are longing for.

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