Ps.33:6,7 – “All he had to do was speak by his Spirit-wind command,
and God created the heavenlies.
Filled with galaxies and stars,
the vast cosmos he wonderfully made.
His voice scooped out the seas.
The ocean depths he poured into vast reservoirs.”

The Lord gives us a look into the Godhead and His creative genius in the first verses of the book of Genesis. We see the word of God spoken and the Spirit-wind hovering, vibrating, or incubating over the primitive creation. This Spirit-wind is the very breath of God. The Lord formed man with His own hands and breathed His Spirit-wind into Adam’s nostrils. Man was created and became a living soul. The Word and the Spirit, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always working in tandem, creating God’s beautiful masterpiece of redemption. Here is how Spurgeon describes it.

“It is interesting to note the mention of the Spirit in the next clause, and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth; the breath is the same as is elsewhere rendered Spirit. Thus the three persons of the Godhead unite in creating all things. How easy for the Lord to make the most ponderous orbs, and the most glorious angels! A word, a breath could do it. It is as easy for God to create the universe as for a man to breathe, nay, far easier, for man breathes not independently, but borrows the breath in his nostrils from his Maker. It may be gathered from this verse that the constitution of all things is from the infinite wisdom, for his word may mean his appointment and determination. A wise and merciful Word has arranged, and a living Spirit sustains all the creation of Jehovah.”

God’s creation unveils who God is. We see His creative genius in the intricacies of all He does. From the complexity of an eye, with the concept and creation of light, to the depths of the sea and the expanse of space; He is more than amazing. His work of redemption and the restoration of fallen man is the greatest work of the Trinity. The Father loved the world and sent His Son; the Son entered creation and paid the ultimate price to claim our souls. The Holy Spirit functions as the great orchestra conductor; coordinating the purchase of the Lord’s beautiful bride.


  1. Really was inspired by this subject, read the whole thing through, twice. The last line got me thinking ” the Holy Spirit functions as the great orchestra conductor coordinating the purchase of the Lord’s beautiful bride.” With Lucifer cast out of the privilege he once was given, the Holy Spirit now orchestrates, where welcome, all worship. How many breaking news stories giving attention to destruction in an attempt to garner the focus and produce fear in saturation. Our response should be that of heaven, with praises and worship, filling our spaces with the very breath of Life.

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