Rev.21:23 – And the city has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God has illuminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb.

The most amazing characteristic of heaven will be the sudden unveiling of Christ to us. We will see Christ in His unveiled glory the moment we step into the other side. As Paul said, “now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face”. Of all people, Paul had caught a glimpse of Christ in His glory at his conversion experience. When Jesus suddenly appeared to Paul on the Damascus road he was brought from his horse to the ground. The brilliance of the light caused Paul to be blind for three days, his sight was only returned by a healing through the laying on of hands. He spent the rest of his life describing the glory of God that he saw in the face of Jesus Christ. The point for us is this, Christ’s glory is more powerful than we can imagine. It will take our glorified bodies to withstand the power of His glory.

Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes seeing Christ in His kingdom.

“In heaven, the spirits of just men made perfect do see him as he is. They behold his glory. They see the glory of his divine nature, consisting in all the glory of the Godhead, the beauty of all his perfections; his great majesty, almighty power, his infinite wisdom, holiness and grace, and they see the beauty of his glorified human nature, and the glory which the Father hath given him, as God-man and Mediator. . . . Now the saints, while in the body, see something of Christ’s glory and love. . . . but when separated from the body, they see their glorious and loving Redeemer, as we see the sun when risen, and showing his whole disk above the horizon, by his direct beams, in a clear hemisphere, and with perfect day.”

So right now our vision of Christ is shrouded from living in the darkness of this world. God graciously gives us glimpses of His glory as we seek Him in prayer, worship, and His word. These glimpses of revelation are critical to us in this life. It first delivers us from the darkness of depression from the stuff we face in this life. Secondly, these glimpses of Christ gives us clarity to what matters in life so that we focus our resources on His kingdom. Finally, it is out of this revelation of Christ that we minister to the hurting people that literally surround us. His light is shining on us and through us; let this light shine into your world today.

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  1. Well said, there has grown a longing, very much different than an ordinary desire like what shall I have for lunch on a day to eat out, where a spiritual sense activates and an awe like no other settles in my chest. My breathing seams to change and I become aware of each breath, the Spirit of God has helped me enter a holy place where an immediate reverence about pops my heart out of my chest. Tears of reverence would often come as I thought how could I be allowed here? In my Fathers house, a reality that becomes closer each day.

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