Hebrews 10:19,20 , “Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, through His flesh…”

The common thread that runs through the body of Christ, with all of its denominations and cultural differences, which spanned the two thousand years since church began, is communion. It all started the night Jesus was betrayed. It was also the night He washed the disciples feet and taught them about the soon coming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus took the bread and the fruit of the vine and said, “…eat my body and drink my blood”. He said when you do this, you are proclaiming My death. This is the very heart of our Christian faith. This speaks of why Jesus came: to bring us to God. This is the way into His presence: eating His body and drinking His blood.This is how we enter this new life behind the veil. Here is how Barclay describes communion:

“‘This is my body,’ he said of the bread. One simple fact precludes us from taking this with a crude literalism. When Jesus spoke, he was still in the body; and there was nothing clearer than that his body and the bread were at that moment quite different things. Nor did he simply mean: ‘This stands for my body.’ In a sense, that is true. The broken bread of the sacrament does stand for the body of Christ; but it does more. To those who take it into their hands and upon their lips with faith and love, it is a means not only of memory but of living contact with Jesus Christ. To an unbeliever, it would be nothing; to all who love Christ, it is the way to his presence.”

Can you imagine the conflict of emotion in Christ at the table that night when He instituted the communion meal? His humanity was facing the horrible death on the cross as well as the denial and betrayal of His disciples. At the same time, He was flooded with joy as He told His disciples to eat His body and drink His blood. This moment of moments is why He came. He came to bring us to God! So , eat His body and drink His blood. This is the substance of our joy!


  1. I also see in His statement the pointing out of man’s false righteousness and false wisdom by way of the offense taken by His words. In what was to become man’s chain breaking freedom, we were appalled! Born again make a lot sense in light of just this.

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