Lk.5:22 – But Jesus, aware of their thoughts, responded and said to them, “Why are you thinking this way in your hearts?”

Jesus moved in the power of the Spirit when He was here on earth as a man. In today’s verse we see Him reading people’s thoughts as the Pharisees were plotting against Him. Today, Jesus is still reading our mail. The difference now is that He is in His glorified state reading the hearts of all mankind all over the world. He knows you inside and out. He knows your thoughts, your fears, your doubts, and your secret sins. He knows every moment of your past, your present, and every little thing that is in your future. His eyes search our hearts not missing the smallest detail of everything in our world. The best news about all of this, He loves us and prays for us constantly. He is not our adversary but is our Advocate always interceding to bring us into God’s perfect plan for our lives. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes this verse.

“He is the great thought-reader. Just now we met with the expression, “seeing their faith”, and now we read, “knowing their thoughts. ” He puts the questioners to the question. His whys and wherefores go to the root of the matter. We are responsible for secret thoughts, and the Lord will one day call us to account concerning them. Accusations against Jesus are always unreasonable, and when fairly faced are put to silence. It would be well if many of our Lord’s enemies today could be brought to ponder the question, “Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts” What is the cause of it? What is the good of it? Why not cease from it?”

David was quite aware of this supernatural quality of the Lord. Knowing that He loves us completely even though He knows everything about us is quite liberating. The most important thing in the midst of all this is being totally yielded to the Lord. Being exposed completely before Him is how we can be made completely whole. This is how David responded knowing this characteristic of the Lord.

Ps.139:23 – “Search me, God, and know my heart; put me to the test and know my anxious thoughts;”

So what is going on in your world? Open your heart up to the Lord, He already knows everything. Give your troubles to the Lord and He will keep and restore you completely.

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  1. Knowing our thoughts, thoughts and intentions. God is able to search our hearts, He even shows us details that we hide from ourselves, let alone others. Entering into His presence and remaining for a time, the more detailed the cleansing, which in turn covers us with the unmistakable residue of time in His presence.

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