1 Cor.14:1 – Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

The Old Testament was characterized by the prophecies of the Hebrew prophets. In other words, the Spirit of prophesy was a major vehicle used by the Lord in early Israel. Apparently Paul believed it was to continue to play a major role in the church of the New Testament. Tongues, the interpretation of tongues, and the gift of prophesy are apparently available to all according to what Paul preached. In today’s verse is one example of that, Paul wanted everyone to pursue the gift of prophesy. So why would Paul say and believe that? Because prophesy is the spoken word under the influence of the Holy Spirit. This prophetic anointing on the words of Christians has the potential to change our world. Here is something Matthew Henry said about the prophetic word in Ezekiel’s mouth.

“He must preach, and he did so; and the dead bones lived by a power that went along with the word of God which he preached. He must pray, and he did so; and the dead bones were made to live in answer to prayer; for a spirit of life entered into them…..God bids his ministers prophesy upon the dry bones. Say unto them, Live; yea, say unto them, Live; and they do as they are commanded, calling to them again and again, O you dry bones! hear the word of the Lord. But we call in vain, still they are dead, still they are very dry; we must therefore be earnest with God in prayer for the working of the Spirit with the word: Come, O breath! and breathe upon them. God’s grace can save souls without our preaching, but our preaching cannot save them without God’s grace, and that grace must be sought by prayer.”

Its not only prophets and ministers that are to prophesy over the dry bones of this generation, according to the sermon Peter preached quoting the Prophet Joel, the Holy Spirit is being poured out on everyone in these last days. The outpouring of the Spirit is displayed first of all by the vocal gifts of the Spirit; tongues, interpretation of tongues and the gift of prophesy. These gifts are being expressed through men and women, young and old, and people from every tribe and tongue. So yes, the Lord is doing something new, His Spirit is being poured out in great measure and the gift of prophesy will be front and center. Go ahead and prophesy over the dry bones in your world and see the Lord do amazing things.


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