“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord with gladness. Come into His presence with singing.”
Ps 100:1,2

Many times our work can be a source of frustration and can be something we do because we have to work, just to pay the bills. I had one of those jobs. I worked for one year at B & C Egg Ranch in the San Joaquin Valley in the early seventies. I hated to go to work. My job consisted of pushing chicken manure. It was hot, it was stinky and I was miserable. On one of those miserable days I had a great spiritual breakthrough. I felt like I could not do that job anymore and began to cry out to the Lord. Thousands of chickens went silent as I began to shout out to God. He met me in an amazing way. In a moment of time He changed everything. He reminded me of my tithes and my offerings that I had given at church the night before. Then the Lord reminded me of the missions team we were sending out. In a moment of time I saw it. My work was connected to my giving. My giving was connected to the advancing of God’s kingdom. My work was not in vain. A portion of my earnings was going into the work of God. Joy began to flood my soul. Instead of crying out in misery I began shouting for joy.
Everything changes when you see your work as valuable. Just pushing chicken mess seems like a waste of time and energy. Maybe your job seems like just pushing chicken mess. If you give the first fruits of your harvest, your tithe, into the work of God, your work is not in vain. Your work is connected to the Lord’s work.
My experience at the egg ranch changed drastically that day. I was no longer working with regret and hopelessness but now I was serving the Lord with gladness.

5 Replies to “CHICKEN RANCH JOY”

  1. Pastor Frank, I NEVER get tired of hearing this story, because if reminds me all to often that I need to think about my own job as working for the Lord, as miserable as it may seem at times. It changes everything, Additiude, promotes spirtual joy, and contentment for me. It’s just amazing to me how the Holy Spirit takes over our thoughs and feelings. Great word !!!!!

  2. Good morning, Pastor Frank. I agree with Diane. I read these posts on FB every morning and there are times that I would really like to repost or retweet them. This is one of those. Thanks for being so faithful and consistent.

  3. Oh my God! That was so awesome. I have heard this story several times but for some reason it blessed my day. It renewed my spirit.
    Praise the Lord!

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