Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”
JOHN 4:13,14

Will never thirst, how could that possibly be? What is Jesus speaking of? He is describing a thirst for spiritual things that replaces our thirst for the things of this world. He said that if we drink the water He has to give, this water will become a perpetual fountain bubbling up inside of us. The results is not only a spiritual awakening, but a passion for the things of God. Jesus is describing an incredible spiritual revolution that flows from God Himself. Jonathan Edwards spoke of this fountain in his “Treatise on Grace”. He said, ” the sum of all good which the saints have in this world, is that spring of living water within them which we read of in John 4:10 and those rivers of living waters flowing from within them which we read of in John 7:37,38 which we are there told is the Holy Spirit. And the sum of all happiness in the other world, is that river of living water which flows from the throne of God and of the Lamb, which is the river of God’s pleasures, and is the Holy Spirit, which is often compared in sacred Scripture to water, to the rain and dew, and rivers and floods of waters”.
I love the phrase Edwards used, “the sum of all good”. He was saying all that we have of true value in life comes from the Lord. How is it that most of us value other things more than the things of God? If we are honest with ourselves, we tend to have stronger feelings for life’s plesures and expierences than for God Himself. How can our “value system” be changed. Look again at what Jesus said, “whoever drinks of this water that I have to give shall never thirst.” Did you get it? There is something in the living water itself that effects us, it actually changes our thirst, or our value system, so that we begin to agree with Edwards that this living water is ” the sum of all good which have in this world”.
We can start this new life today, all it takes is a little drink. There is so much life in this living water that just one taste can begin this new thirsting for God. As you spend time in His word or in prayer today, drink in, receive the love that He has for you. Before you know it, you will know what it means to never thirst again.


  1. this is totle truth what we put into our lives is what we feed on if we have the lord in our heart that is what will come out the world has a twisted joy the lord has real joy unspeakable and full of his glory Randy

  2. Once I tasted of what Christ has to offer I know satisfaction, peace, love and joy. The world hated me for it – even though I have the solution to their problem and wanted to share it. Slowly at first the world, friends of my past life as well as all those environments (work place) I was involved in, began to persecute me, or better yet, that which was in me. No matter what I did the persecution continued.
    One tiny step at a time I found myself fighting off attack after attack (paying more attention to this world then Jesus) until finally I thought if I just tried to fit in, all this would stop. WRONG! No matter what I did I just could not fit in this world any longer. Perhaps I should have taken a lesson from Peter.
    After a while I found myself more miserable than ever. Thank God He is faithful when I am not! I had to make a choice – stay like I was or turn my back on this world and focus my attentions on God. This decision was easy even though I knew this world was going to beat me without mercy -so what! I thirsted for that intimate relationship that satisfied my soul.
    So here I am – satisfied by Him saying along with all of my brothers and sisters, “Lord where else could I go – I have tasted Your living waters and my soul is refreshed!” Thank You Lord!

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