John 14:26
26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you

Have you ever needed help? I have, all kinds of help. We needed help when we were born, we couldn’t do anything. We needed help in school, and as teenagers, we needed all kinds of help, we just didn’t realize it. We needed help getting started as adults, we needed help in our marriages and raising our children. We really needed help after Katrina, we were in need of lots of help for a very long time. Let’s face it, we are very needy people.
All of us have needed the Lord’s help all of our lives, like immature adolescents, we avoided God at all costs. “We have everything handled”, we silently muttered, at least we thought we had it handled. Then, inevitably, the bottom fell out of our lives. The day had finally come when we saw we needed help. We became painfully aware of our greatest need, we are sinners in need of a Savior. In that moment, He came to our rescue. As soon as we turned toward Him, He was already there, ready to move on our behalf. After all Jesus called this unseen person the Helper. He is always there, always ready to show Himself as the Helper in our lives.
What kind of help do you need? He is the Counselor, to those who need guidance. He is the Great Physician to those who need healing. He is the source of all things for those suffering financial lack. He is the greatest of all friends to those who are lonely. He is the faithful High Priest when we need forgiveness. He is Unspeakable Joy to those imprisoned with depression. He is the Opener of prison doors to those captive to alcohol or substance abuse. For those caught in the world of lust and immorality, He has mercy and freedom in His touch.
He is the Helper and there is no problem too big, no sin too dark, no chain to strong that He is not able to overcome in your life. The term Jesus used in greek for Helper is Paracletos, one called alongside to help. When does He come?; when He hears someone calling. Today, I think He heard your cry. He will come Himself to bring His supernatural help into your life.

4 Replies to “HELP”

  1. im thankful today, before i read this i was thinking on how the lord sets us free it took the lord to deal in my own life i couldnt do it i tought i could ill just hang in there and it will get better it never did it took the healing hand and his love to get me set free i was a bewliver with bondage it took awhile when i had enough of it couldnt continue and in a place in my heart i knowing if i wanted to continue in anything i had to give it all to the lord i knew he was going to help me i would do good for awhile then really not so good it was a spiritual thing i was dealing with i had a strong man in my life and didnt understand why i had the fears i had i could put on a smile and think i could just tough it out this was totally wrong i had bad thinking on this i finally had enough i knew i really needed to be set free the lord did it and when he sets you free you really are i would see people doing great fruit in there lives i wanted that in my own life it took asking the lord to help me really believe and to do this i went into a real struggle for awhile i found others that could help me i really had to pray to trust anyone they knew i had trust issures the lord got me threw that one then i got the help i needed god is bigger than any bondage devil hurt things that bind us up hold us back from being the men and woman god wanted us to be to be really set free those things dont hurt you anymors you dont worry about what others think you are only concerned about liviong for and pleaseing the lord all other stuff is secondary the lord becomes your main focus in life then you can really love others if the lord did it for me the mess i was he will do it for anyone he is in that bussihes he loves us Randy

  2. If you’re not careful – He will help you when you’re not paying attention!
    So is the case with me. Several weeks ago I brought my daughter to ‘Beyond the Grave’ so she could hang out with the youth and take part in helping with the alter call. That was my plan, little did I know I was being set-up! I figured while I was there I would help if there was a responder near my age. As all things would have it, there was a guy seemingly my age, older then the kids for sure.
    As we spoke he poured out concerning bondage he was in as a believer. How he longs for freedom from “thoughts” he despised. I wanted to tell him I too experience this and we must stand firm, pray, plug in and all the other things we as Christians should do that we may continue to do all to achieve victory in our situation. This is when the revelation blindsided me. I could not remember the last time I had a lustful thought I had to fight off. Even since my definition of lust had been broadened to include anything I passionately desired to the point of causing me to consider compromising my walk with Christ. After ministering to him I found a quiet place where I could reflect on how this all happened.
    Time goes on until a service where Pastor Parris preaches on Hebrews. While she preaches I find myself time warped several years prior to another service where she preached about a Greek sailor who bound himself to the mast of his ship so he could hear the beautiful song sung by cannibalistic women trying to lure their next meal to their shoreline. Pastor Parris said we did not have to live in bondage but live in Him!
    This is when it all came together for me. It was when I gave up fighting my problem on my own that it happened. I remember saying to God I just cannot do it anymore and if lust was part of who I was then let me lust after Him. I threw my hands up and gave up my fight.
    Many things changed in my life rapidly, too many to mention, but the end result was God putting me in a place where I could focus on Him more than ever before. As I enjoyed Him through studies at bible school, interaction with brothers and sisters in Christ, personal time with Him, worship music, service after service and so on and so forth. I forgot to focus my efforts on my problem(s). In all this God changed the desires of my heart – thank You, Lord!
    I thought about this scripture. Matt 11:28 – “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” This scripture application to my life is I labored against my sin and was heavy laden (continually burdened) and when I found myself lost in Christ, He gave me rest! He freed me when I was not paying attention!
    My prayer for all brothers and sisters in Christ, put all your efforts in fighting to enter Him and He will do the rest – Heb 4:1 Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it.
    Many people say I am in denial. I tell them they are almost right, I am in a river, the river of living water not ‘da Nile’!

  3. I heard someone say this once “How wonderful when we get to the place and realize that God is God all by Himself. Go Bro Frank! your messages are breathe taking. I am so in love with King Jesus.

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