Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.

I love this verse of scripture. What does Paul mean by “every spiritual blessing”? Actually he is talking about all of the benefits that begin to flood into our lives when we receive the Holy Spirit. A.B. Simpson was a pastor in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. He was touched mightily by the Pentecostal outpouring that happened about that time and became a leading teacher in that movement. Listen to his take on this passage.

” • This epistle is an unfolding of “all the blessings of the Spirit.” This is the true translation of this passage.
• There is a great difference between the blessings of the Spirit and spiritual blessings. This is a case where a single noun is worth a hundred adjectives. The person of the Holy Ghost is worth more than all His gifts.
• The apostle’s theme, in this sublime epistle, is the higher blessings of the Holy Ghost, which He makes known to those who enter into the fullness of Christ, May the Holy Spirit Himself enable us to see and enter into all the blessings of the Spirit!”

This understanding of this verse of scripture can change everything for us. We are no longer looking for various blessings from the Lord, we are after God Himself. All of the blessings; healing, provision, changed life and lifestyle, flow out of our relationship with the Holy Spirit. When He comes into our lives, He doesn’t come alone, He brings all of the “blessings of the Spirit” with Him. I love what Simpson said about the results of receiving the Spirit, “the person of the Holy Ghost is worth more than all His gifts”. Simpson had discovered the true gift of Pentecost. It was not the receiving of a new formula or the secret to success in life, but the reception of a new person. The Lord is offering us more than wonderful gifts, He is offering us Himself. Actually, that is the greatest expression of love. We are not so much interested in gifts from our loved ones, we are interested in the loved ones themselves. The gift of the Spirit is God’s greatest expression of love, His best gift. What is that gift, it is God Himself. When you receive this gift of love, you may just receive more than you ever imagined, you might just step into “all the blessings of the Spirit.”


  1. Its curious Pastor Bailey that you mentioned the Holy Spirit is not “… some secret to success in life ” . Some preachers on some religious TV channels say great success in life and thousand fold increase in their wealth can be achieved by planting $1,000 seeds in such ministries. No, success in life has nothing to do with planting $1,000 seeds but by doing God’s will as instructed by the Holy Spirit. I recently inherited $25,000 from a Christian pastor from Angola who graduated from the Southern Baptist College at Angola. After graduating he was sent as a missionary to Ellen Hunt prison in Gabriel where this beautiful man of Christ was called to God’s kingdom about a year ago. I say inherited but I was named beneficiary of the money which the Spirit has instructed me is for God’s people at those prisons. I’ve tried to give some of this money to Ellen Hunt Prison at Gabriel i.e to buy braille books of the Bible for a certain blind inmate there or to fly relatives in to visit sick prisoners but have received no response to my e-mails. So this week I’ll write Angola’s Warden and wait with great patience for the Holy Spirit to provide someone at Angola or Hunt to help me with the management of this money to do God’s work for the prisoners.If this sounds like a prayer to the Holy Spirit to provide it most certainly is! Hallelujah for the Holy Spirit -our Counselor and Comforter.

  2. Thats amazing stuff! so much to aborb,where do you beging! i just thank my MOTHER for introducing me to JESUS THE CHRIST! for without him i would not be typing this response! and all GLORY and thanks to JESUS for KEEPING me! for i DESERVED DEaLTH by my own associntion! but JESUS had a PLAN and included me! im forever greatful for everyting in this LIFE that HE HAS BESTOWED on me.. i have learned to totally SURRENDER and feel the hand of GOD moving DEEPLY inside of me.. and all thanks to the LORD..and PEOPLE like PASTOR FRANK ,who has for so LONg been FAitHFUl to JESUS ,to allow people like me to come and DRINK of JESUS’ POWER…. thank you. and may whatever you set out to do come to PASS In THE MIGHTY AWESOME NAME OF JESUS.. SANCTIFIED BY HIS BLLOD.. god bless yall..

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