Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb.

Do you ever think about heaven? It is really hard to even imagine what it could be like. We know about the streets of gold, about the gates made out of pearl, the foundations of the city made of precious stones, we even know about our loved ones. But let’s face it, does anyone really want to go there, I mean go there now. I guess the problem we have is that it doesn’t ever seem real to us, it seems kind of mysterious and, frankly, a little scary. What could change our perspective of heaven? What could make it more desirable than living here on earth? Actually that comes from a revelation of God, a spiritual glimpse into the incredible trinity. Our relationship with the Father, His beloved Son, and the Holy Spirit is what makes heaven, heaven. Jonathan Edwards is known for his sermons about hell, one of his best messages was entitled “Heaven is a World of Love”. Enjoy this short excerpt from that message.

“There, in heaven, this infinite fountain of love — this eternal Three in One — is set open without any obstacle to hinder access to it, as it flows forever. There this glorious God is manifested, and shines forth, in full glory, in beams of love. And there this glorious fountain forever flows forth in streams, yea, in rivers of love and delight, and these rivers swell, as it were, to an ocean of love, in which the souls of the ransomed may bathe with the sweetest enjoyment, and their hearts, as it were, be deluged with love! Again, I would consider heaven, with regard,”

He talks as if he has experienced this river of love, not like someone who has just read about it and has a belief about it. Actually, he had experienced heaven at his church in Northampton, Massachusetts. Edward’s church had been overwhelmed with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the years of the Great Awakening. The Holy Spirit is actually the manifestation of God’s love, He is the actual foretaste of the atmosphere of heaven. Edwards spoke of heaven as if he had been there and wanted to go back, that is exactly what had happened. For many today, heaven is just a better option than the alternative. It doesn’t have to stay that way. Just as in all spiritual truth, the things of heaven are made real to us by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Heaven is a world of love, it is a place of unspeakable joy that will increase in intimacy and intensity throughout all eternity. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you die to experience this world of love, He is being poured out on all flesh today.


  1. Amen, what a Truth that is.Filled with the Holy Spirit was why and how Paul could have Joy and Heavenly rest even in the worse dungeons of Europe . There are prisoners today with greater Joy provided by the Holy Spirit than some free people with all the money and cars they can purchase and possess.Its the ever repeating story of how the Lord can make the so-called wise men seem foolish and the so-called foolish in Faith wise. Thank you Lord and Praise and Glory be to You and the Holy Spirit You have so wisely left us with until Your return in Glory.

  2. I don’t know if this is unusual but before I accepted Christ I thought more about hell then heaven. From what I had heard of hell and conjured up myself I thought it a bad place and believed in Jesus to insure I wouldn’t go there. I stated “believed in Jesus” but it was just a buzz word so to speak. A more truthful statement is I did not denounce Jesus.
    Then comes 1/24/2005, the day of salvation for me!!!!!!! I mean – Jesus is real, He is alive; everything changes radically. One thing I know beyond a doubt is hell is real. I also know I anticipate being in heaven. I have now become familiar with what is written about heaven and its’ elaborate construction. I must confess it’s attraction to me is I will be in the undiluted presence of God, my God!!!!!!! I will see Him with my eyes and hear Him with my ears. This is where it gets hard to express myself because just thinking about I am undone (yes – borrowed from Isaiah). WOW. Finally stepping into what I know I was made for – YAHOO!!!!!!!

  3. wow! i think in the azua street revial when all the neighbors around could here the people in churchs at wee hrs of the night may have been a taste of heaven.. wow!! lord pour that out now lord on your churchs!!!love to hear these devontions of heaven and the holyspirit.. god bless

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