“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.”

We live in an incredibly man centered and self centered world. I thought I had become a God centered Christian, but several years ago I was radically challenged at the core of my beliefs and my teaching as a pastor. Two of the books that effected me were “God’s Passion for His Glory” by John Piper followed up by “The End for Which God Created the Earth” by Jonathan Edwards. As I read these two books, I began to realize how I had let the relevance of the world’s ideas for happiness and success infiltrate my ministry. That was about to change in a dramatic way. For the first time in many years, I was being confronted with a message that was totally God-centered. Here is one of the quotes from Piper’s book which consisted of observations on Edward’s book, “The End for Which God Created the Earth”.

“The love of God for sinners is not his making much of them, but his graciously freeing and empowering them to enjoy making much of him. As Edwards says, “God is their good.” Therefore if God would do us good, he must direct us to his worth, not ours. The truth that God’s glory and our joy in God are one radically undermines modern views of self-centered love. God-centered grace nullifies the gospel of self-esteem. Today, people typically feel loved if you make much of them and help them feel valued. The bottom line in their happiness is that they are made much of.”

That phrase challenged the very foundation of what I had preached for almost twenty years at that time. I had thought that freedom was me being the center of God’s universe when actually, I had it backwards. Only when He became the center of my life, then and then only could I begin to experience the love and joy that He offers me. My satisfaction does not come from the gifts and blessings He brings, my joy flows from God Himself. As Edwards says, “God is my good”. So if you have been listening to the itching ears message of self esteem, you are missing the whole point. God’s love for us, like Piper says, is not Him making much of us but Him freeing us to make much of Him. That is the place of true freedom and the place of pleasures evermore.

6 thoughts on “GOD IS MY GOOD”

  1. This is an amazing revelation. Congratulations on the lives you will touch with this. You have touched mine. (as have many previous to this message)

    Please always continue to share your revelation knowledge. Being able to share it in the way that you do is a gift, more than that, it is an eternal characteristic – thank you.

  2. grat teaching, this is very motivateing to read, i know he needs to increase in our lives and we need to decrease. John the Babtist said this Himselve his ministrey was fullfilled preaching repentence he said one comes after me that will babtise you in fire, the holy ghost. im not worthy to untie his shoes! John understood what was going on, Jesus and His lordship and who he is should be what motivates us, Im glad he does take us faults and all and changes our hearts and works with us with much patience changes us to what he wants, co mes in and sups with us, that is his love he does this for us we are unable to do this ourselves, it is inpossiable, all any of us can do is seek him and allow him to have his way if we seek our own way in anything we are truey missing out, his ways are better and they are solid and standing on our own we can do nothing but get in his way or plans that he had for us.

  3. I try and separate myself from the world and worldly things , in a way isolate or protect my family in this corrupt world. I can easily fall back where I came from I can accept that , but to separate myself from it makes myself closer to Jesus daily and it hit me when you said ” He became the center of my life” is really where my joy comes from, not from worldly things but the separation of the world through being like a child who is lost without his father(Jesus) to direct me.

  4. People feel loved when they are simply loved by others. We do not ‘make much’ of others. We simply love them unconditionally with the love of Jesus inside of us. All people desperately need the real love that only Jesus can give, and when Christians give them His love, most of the time they receive it. The greatest way we can love the lost is by telling them the great news of Jesus!

  5. When we look at the Cross, we see how much God loves people. This love that Jesus has for people cannot be measured. The Father freely pours out more and more and more of this immeasurable love on all who call upon His Name. Oh how He loves us!!! And He will never ever stop loving us!!! The love of God moved Him to humble himself, become a man, and die for the sins of every single person who has ever lived on the face of the Earth!! Whosoever will may come and believe in Jesus and get overwhelmed with the mighty mighty immeasurable love of God for all people!!! God’s heart right now is for people, the people He created in His own image and likeness. This is the day of grace, the day of the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit. No day in the past compares to living right HERE and right NOW!! Oh how our glorious Redeemer is moving all over the world by His Spirit!!!! Our hearts should not be after past happenings, but in the move of God NOW TODAY HERE!!!!!!

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