You are fairer than the sons of men; Grace is poured upon Your lips; Therefore God has blessed You forever.

This passage is incredibly expressive, these are the words of someone who has been caught off guard by someone’s beauty. The psalmist has been taken back by the sudden, breath taking glimpse of the Glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Albert Barnes expressed this “surprise” in his comments on this passage.

“The Hebrew word rendered “thou art fairer” – yaeya – is a very unusual term. It is properly a reduplication of the word meaning “beautiful,” and thus means to be very beautiful. It would be well expressed by the phrase “Beautiful – beautiful – art thou above the children of men.” It is the language of surprise – of a sudden impression of beauty – beauty as it strikes at the first glance – such as the eye had never seen before. The impression here is that produced by the general appearance or aspect of him who is seen as king. Afterward the attention is more particularly directed to the ” grace that is poured into his lips.” The language here would well express the emotions often felt by a young convert when he is first made to see the beauty of the character of the Lord Jesus as a Saviour: ” Beautiful; beautiful, above all men.”

Can you remember the breath taking, first look at he loveliness of Jesus? I remember being stunned by His gentleness and His power, His holiness and His grace. The overwhelming reality of Christ was beyond anything I had ever known. Charles Spurgeon draws our attention to the person of Jesus in his reflections on this verse.

“The Hebrew word is doubled, “Beautiful, beautiful art thou.” Jesus is so emphatically lovely that words must be doubled, strained, yea, exhausted before he can be described. Among the children of men many have through grace been lovely in character, yet they have each had a flaw; but in Jesus we behold every feature of a perfect character in harmonious proportion. He is lovely everywhere, and from every point of view, but never more so than when we view him in conjugal union with his church; then love gives a ravishing flush of glory to his loveliness.”

Throughout history, everyone who has met Him has had a similar response. He is one of a kind, unique in all His attributes, He is Altogether Lovely !!!


  1. only by his grace and mercy and over flowing love that we get to enter in with him, nothing we can ever do to deserve anything,while we were lost and unloving the lord redemed us gave us his grace something none of us deserved, it was his good pleasure to do this, it baffels mesometimes goes way past my limited thinking why he would even want to do this. but god is so big and loving he could choose to do this in spite of fallen mankind, restore us to the former fellowship that was there before the fall of the human race in the garden now we can say and mean it this is the day he has given us to know and love him better.

  2. This is another attempt at describing the indescribable. The psalmist apologizes for his apparent inabilities to accomplish the task before him, describing Christ, (verse 1). He realizes he is but the inapt tool await for the master to hold and wield it. As he begins, he doubles, strains, and yes, even exhausts his earthly language before he can begin to describe the object of his affections and fascination!
    The psalmist does his or her best to describe Jesus. The same Jesus Isaiah describes in Isaiah 53. Seems impossible yet one description ‘is knowing of Him’, (outward) – the other ‘is having a personal relationship with Him, knowing Him personally.’
    I’m going check out what else my brother from long ago has to say about Jesus!

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