My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem to the king, shaping the river into words:
(Psalm 45:1 MSG)

What an incredible depiction of the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of a Christian, our hearts are bursting with the beauty and goodness of God. The next part of this verse is even more amazing, “spilling beauty and goodness”. This explosion of beauty and goodness is not random, it is not just poured out in some confusing aimless way. This verse describes our cooperation, “shaping the river into words”. Actually that is what our life as a believer is about, yielding to the River and shaping it’s flow into the different parts of our lives.
This process starts out as a new Christian, yielding to the Lord, shaping this new life into a life of purity and holiness. The impact of the River on our lives first brings conviction of sin, then forgiveness of sin, and finally freedom from the chains of sin. As we yield to the Lord, we take on the nature of the Holy Spirit. Of course this means that our lifestyle changes, the Holy Spirit is now living His new life in me.
As we continue to yield to the Lord, drinking daily of this River becomes a big part of our lives. When that begins to happen, our heart begins to burst it’s banks and we begin to find out what it really means to shape the River into words. One of the ways this happens is through the devotional prayer language we receive when our heart begins to burst it’s banks. Out of our innermost being begins to flow an unknown language, actually a language of the Spirit. Many times when we spend time in prayer, we will begin to get a sense of the greatness of our God. This experience comes as a result of the Holy Spirit beginning to move upon our lives. What do I do when that happens? I yield myself to the Lord. What do I mean by “yield”? I mean to turn the control of my tongue over to the Spirit, yielding control to the Lord. As I do that, I begin to pray in this beautiful language of mystery.
Have you ever wondered how the disciples knew it was okay when they began to speak in other tongues? After all, they had no precedent, no one had ever been speaking in tongues before that. The way they knew is the same way you will know, the Holy Spirit’s presence is so special and holy, and when He began to come upon them, yielding was no question or no problem. In today’s church, this pentecostal blessing has been ignored, and more often than we want to know, has been resisted and ridiculed. I believe that the Lord is stirring people with a hunger for this dynamic gift of the Holy Spirit. As His people embrace Him, He will begin to shape the River into words using our feeble lives as His vessel.


  1. My wife and i are blessed to know southern babtists that have the gifts all of them, there is a whole church of them north of were we live that are very evangelistic and practise the gifts and beleieve in them, other babtists have a very hard time with this church, this crosses lines even in the denomanations, some are receiveing all the lord has for them, they told us they read this stuff in the word for years and had to ask themselves why not? lets also get this in our lives, they dont call themselves pentecostals but beleivers in christ, they still are southern babtists but of a different flavor . Jesus is pouring out his Spirit on all that want it crossing denomanational lines, I think that brothers and sisters are acknowledgeing each other in spite of denomanational differences more in this day and looking to the lord not doctorines that devide us but looking to who brings us all together our Lord. ive seen and been with the brothers and sisters from many backgrounds shareing the lord in total unity in the Holy Spirit, one in Christ but not one in denomanation, the unity in the lord was strong and it was powerfull Jesus was lifted up and he drew all of us together in total unity and love for one another, I think we will be seeing more of this as the days go on, we have seen this strong at times and are seeing it alot more often people are seeing the love of god and are in unity with other belivers more in unity because of Jesus not denominational teachings, they are not saying im of Paul or anyone else, the word and paul called this very thing carnal it really doesnt matter, he matters time is short what matters?

  2. I just love that phrase…River into Words…something clicked inside when I read it…hmmm…more

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