“Who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; and shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” Mal.3:2

Years ago, during the revival, we met a great guy who was an Episcopal priest who wrote a book bearing that title. His name was Father Bud and all I can say is that fire came into his wax museum (his church) and he was asked to leave.
Last week we had our summer saturation meetings. For eight days straight we had day and night meetings soaking in his presence. (The youth had extreme camp during the day) And like always when we have extended meetings, fire comes to our wax museums. Everything that man has built over the year gets a good dousing with fire from the Holy Ghost and what is left standing is Christ. As much as I hate the burnings it’s always good at the end. I had prayed last week for FIRE to come back into my life and my church. I am one of those ones that want the bandaid to come off faster rather than slower. Just let it rip Lord, bend me, change me, do what you want with me. It’s staying the same that is terrifying!
A.B.Simpson had a good take on the different types of Christians: “There are atmospheres in Christian life that greatly differ. Some of God’s children live in a cellar all their days, where the light is dim and the air damp; others live in shaded rooms and dim light, where the sun seldom shines; but others dwell in the very sunlight of God’s perfect love. The element of their being is not duty, conscience, doctrine, intellectual conviction or even Christian work, but divine love–the sweet, mellow, warm air of the Father’s house and the Father’s heart, the love of God poured out into the heart like the warm sunshine by the Holy Spirit abiding in the heart, and dwelling ever on God’s glorious gift and everlasting pledge of His perfect love.”
We need the fire of the Holy Ghost! Have you set up a wax museum? Have you been living in a dark rank moldy cellar in your walk? Well, you will know when the fires falls! All we need is to be delivered from self and sin, to see it, recognize it, call it by its right name, throw off the disguise of compromise and let God slay it!
Refiner’s fire and fuller’s soap stress both it’s thoroughness and it’s severity. The heat of the refiner’s fire was intense in order to separate the dross from the molten pure metal. Similarly, the fuller used strong lye soap on the cloth then he would beat it. You see the Holy Spirit performs a double work on us, soap for outward cleansing and the fire for inward transformation. Fire penetrates where water and soap cannot break through. Fire cleanses and changes everything it touches besides the gold and silver. The more you burn them, they only improve. Do not fear the fire. Only as we partake of the divine nature does the fire refine us. So Holy Spirit Come! For it is then “the King’s daughter” shall be “all glorious within, her clothing of wrought gold,” which no flame can deface or destroy. Amen


  1. all kinds of christains, the champain type that only have air bubbles, full of air, the woodwork christain, they come out once in a while, the lady claral christain, only the lord knows for sure, and the sold out beliver, your will and help me be obedient love and please you lord christain, It takes the fire to burn the old man out and to bring new life in, when we have fire here in arkansas the old grass burns up and real soon new grass pops up full of nutrents for the cows good grass to eat, they grow strong and healthy

  2. Awesome! It is so true. The fire is good. It seems the more I seek God, the more I have want of Him, so, I must go into the fire to purge the bitterness of this world that is within me. Through the burning comes new life, new growth.
    I also agree with this man who responded to “Fire in The Wax Museum”. Every pasture I have seen where cows feed, must be kept and taken care of or bitter weeds will grow abundantly. In order to keep the bitter weeds from taking over a pasture, the farmer must set fire to it and destroy those bitter weeds. If the cows eat the bitter weeds, the milk it produces will be bitter. Have you ever drank bitter milk? I have and I did not like it. Something that is suppose to be good and sweet is not. Everything you try to make from the bitter milk; butter, cottage cheese, and icecream is bitter, bitter, bitter.
    Similiar to the cows, everyday we come in contact with the things of this world. We ingest the good and the bad. And like the results from cows eating bitter weeds, we will become bitter and produce fruit that is bitter. God’s fire is the only cure. So my prayer, is that God sets a fire in the pasture of my heart to burn away those bitter things that can produce bitterness in my life and my family. This is my daily walk.

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