2Cor. 9:10 Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness;

All of God’s creation is in constant movement, responding to the chorus leader, the Lord, in heaven. The ocean, sky, trees, the flowers of the field, and even the animals are engaged in God’s song which sometimes even resembles a holy dance. In today’s verse Paul uses a very descriptive word trying his best to describe the Lord’s provision for his sons and daughters. He describes it with the word epichoregeo. Look at the interesting definitions of this beautiful Bible word.

The word – he that ministereth, is very emphatic; it signifies he who leads up the chorus, from to, and to lead the chorus; it means also to join to, associate, to supply or furnish one thing after another so that there be no want or chasm.
to be a dance leader,
1) to be a chorus leader, lead a chorus
2) to furnish the chorus at one’ s own expense
3) to procure and supply all things necessary to fit out a chorus

It seems as if the scriptures point to a harmony of all of God’s creation, responding to God and responding to the needs of His creatures. We see the mom responding to the cries of her baby, the clouds responding to the parched earth below. We hear the cardinal crying out to the song of his mate in the early morning and the baby birds chirping out it’s cries for the morning worm from it’s mom. My beagle, Phoebe joins in this song every morning as she begins to sing out her morning song, knowing I will respond with her breakfast (she has me trained well).
Recently I watched a documentary about the African cats. One of the story lines was a cheetah raising her cubs. What an amazing relationship they had, the mom going to extreme measures to protect and care for her little tribe. She would cry out to her cubs, and they would respond with their cries of dependency to their mom. She continually risked her life against predators to care for her own.
This brings us back to our main story or song. All of creation responds to the directions of our Lord. The most amazing thing about all of this is His infinite care and concern for us, His children. He has gone to extreme measures to care for us. How extreme, He became a man and suffered and died for us on the cross. Today, He is listening for our cries. He is our heavenly high priest and His ears are open to our prayers. Just as the mom respond to her baby, the cardinal sings back to his mate, the cheetah calls out for her young, our Lord is calling out and responding to us. How can we stay silent? His silent song is almost deafening. Today, He is responding to every cry, creation itself is on call for His directions. If the animals respond to their young, how much more will our Heavenly Father respond to us? I think it’s time to join the heavenly chorus.

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