Finding the True God

Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.
Romans 1:22–23

Humans are always trying to recreate God into their own idea of what He should be like. To some, He is the one who gives them material goods. From hummers to jewelry, real estate to new business deals, to them His goodness is defined by all of His gifts. For others, He is some kind of cosmic power behind all things, not really personal, just kind of a new age guru. Then there are the political people, “He is surely going to give us a conservative president and solve all our problems”. Sound familiar, people haven’t changed. The people in Israel during Christ’s time missed Him because of preconceived ideas of what the messiah should be like. Jesus was not what they had in mind. He would often say “he who has ears to hear, let him hear”. We can only recognize the Lord by revelation, human ideas of God can never grasp Him as He is. Martin Luther dealt with the same issues in Germany in the 1500’s, listen to his words.

“Human reason can’t quite identify God correctly. Reason knows that there is a God, but it can’t figure out which god is the true God. This is exactly what happened to the Jewish leaders while Christ was on earth. John the Baptist plainly told them that Christ was present. They knew that Christ was living among them and walking among the people. But they couldn’t tell which person it was. Hardly any of them could believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ. If reason didn’t have any awareness of God’s existence, it wouldn’t attempt to identify God. If reason knew exactly who God was, it wouldn’t mistakenly identify something else as god. Reason just blurts out, calls something god, and gives divine honor to its own concept of god. By doing so, it misses the true God and instead finds the devil—or its own idea of god, which is ruled by the devil.”

The Lord is moving all around us today, most of the time we are clueless, unaware of Him and His works, because of other agendas and preconceived ideas of what He should be like. What is He like? He has revealed Himself to us in human form as Jesus of Nazareth. He is still the same, He never changes. His kingdom is not of this world, He is building His hidden, secret kingdom. He is still reaching out to the broken hearted, the poor, the sick and the hurting of this world. As His sons and daughters, we need to become involved in what He is involved in. Many times, we try to recreate God in our own image by trying to imagine Him having our goals and visions. I think we have it backwards, our happiness and purpose in life is found in yielding to His plan, not manipulating God to fulfill our personal wants.

One Reply to “FINDING GOD”

  1. Sometimes its good to just be still and know who he is set time aside to hear him no matter how busy we get, if we dont do this saten will look for a spot to use to hinder all of us, our race will be done only when the lord says it is Lately ive seen the enemy try to steal kill and distroy some, I know not to be ignorant of his devices but to dwell on the lord give no place to the enemy but beleive gods promises to his people stand on them its far better than saten lieing to us about anything that can push our buttons take from us our fellowship with the lord and each other saten is the father of lies and a good deceiver but we overcome this threw the lord and staying close to him walking in the spirit he put in us his Holy spirit he freely gave us so we wont be deceived it will lead us into all truth if we walk in it seek him continually.

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