Pastor Karen Boudreaux

Oh the holidays… crisp, cool weather…the smell of turkey baking in the oven and the joy of another opportunity to share a meal with our families. Joy? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps your family isn’t believers. Instead of being a delightful day, you know it will be one filled with meaningless stories and coarse jesting. Our LOST love ones… Just like the paralytic in Mark 2, we must realize they are incapable of saving themselves. You have tried and tried again to tell your relatives of Christ. But their eyes do not see and their ears do not hear a word you have said. Nevertheless, Spurgeon writes, “Oh, how we ought to love sinners, since Jesus loved us, and died for us while we were yet sinners! We must care for drunkards while they still pass round the cup; those that swear even while we hear them swear. We must not wait till we see some better thing in them, but feel an intense interest for them as what they are- straying and lost.”
So what can we do? We could be like the Syro-Phoenican woman who had a daughter who was demon possessed, one she couldn’t handle any longer, you know the difficult one in your life. Yet the mother went to Jesus, and Jesus healed the daughter that very day… How you may ask? Jesus worked through the cries of a desperate mother who believed that nothing is too hard for the Lord. Even though the patient was distant, the Lord’s arm was not too short to find her and to make her whole. Or consider the Centurion that said, “Lord, just send the word and I know my servant will be healed”. Jesus said this man had great faith and his servant was healed that very day.
“Tell him of your sister, your mother, your child, your spouse, your neighbor. He hears and delights to stretch out His hand and heal.”
And then after praying and believing, bring your love one to Christ just as the paralytic’s friends did. When the door was not an option they climbed on the roof, cut a hole in the tile and lowered their friend down to where the Great Physician was performing miracles. Spurgeon continues, “They could not preach, but they could hold a rope. Oh for soul winners who can bear the souls on their hearts and feel their burdens; men who, it may be, cannot talk, but who can weep; men who cannot break men’s hearts with their language, but who’s own hearts are broken with compassion for the lost….Christian men and women, join together and pray for your friends who cannot or will not pray for themselves; and if you meet with any in deep distress, palsied with despair, who cannot lift the finger of faith, strive to bring them to hear the Gospel, bring them where Christ is WORKING MIRACLES … For it is there that the power of the Lord is present to heal them. It was the business of the four bearers to bring the man to Christ, (and so it is yours) but there, their power ended. But thank God, when we end, Christ begins…” The Lord forgave him of his sins and healed his body.

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