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Psalm 26:7
That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving,
And tell of all Your wondrous works.

“To know that nothing hurts the godly, is a matter of comfort; but to be assured that all things which fall out shall co-operate for their good, that their crosses shall be turned into blessings, that showers of affliction water the withering root of their grace and make it flourish more; this may fill their hearts with joy till they run over.” Thomas Watson

In just a short time, many of us will be gathering around a Thanksgiving table with our family and friends. Each of us will have different stories to tell and memories from this past year. Some memories will be fond and others will bring back emotions we’d much rather leave in the past. However, lets look at the Psalmist’s words of wisdom and the Puritan’s words of experience as to how the redeemed press on in this life.

In the course of 12 months, many ups and downs will occur in a person’s life. A wise friend once told me, “Circumstance does not define a person, but rather the love of our Heavenly Father”. This love overrides all the pain, regrets and even our human accomplishments. The Father’s love covers us as a banner and ensures our protection. Watson knew well the battles that come with this life, but he also knew well the triumph that comes through the battles as we walk as the redeemed.

As you ponder over the past year this Thanksgiving, I pray you begin to see life as more than just something to overcome, but instead—a gift—and find His sweetness in the midst of it all.

We should be as David, filled with Thanksgiving to our great Savior King, and tell of His wondrous works. Charles Surgeon regarding our gratitude has said:

“David was so far instructed that he does not mention the typical offering, but discerns the spiritual offering which was intended thereby, not the groans of bullocks, but songs of gratitude the spiritual worshipper presents. To sound abroad the worthy praises of the God of all grace should be the everyday business of a pardoned sinner. Let men slander us as they will, let us not defraud the Lord of his praises; let dogs bark, but let us like the moon shine on. And tell of all thy wondrous works. God’s people should not be tongue tied. The wonders of divine grace are enough to make the tongue of the dumb sing. God’s works of love are wondrous if we consider the unworthiness of their objects, the costliness of their method, and the glory of their result. And as men find great pleasure in discoursing upon things remarkable and astonishing, so the saints rejoice to tell of the great things which the Lord hath done for them.”

As you gather around the table this year, may you joyously overflow in shouts of His wondrous works in your life.


  1. Let’s us all pray that in the name of Jesus that we all are whole & made healthy in our Spirit, Soul, & Mind. Thank you Jesus.

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