Merry Monday by Parris Bailey
“I am black but comely” Song of Solomon 1:5

This is a very strange verse, one that can only be understood by the Spirit. The Apostle Paul called it the mystery of the Gospel, it is Christ in you the hope of Glory. We can say that where Christ is and goes there is always life and something always changes where He is present. All that came to Him received something good. Reach out and touch His garments and He gives us beauty for ashes, touch Him and He smells of myrrh, aloes and cassia and we are brought into His fellowship. Listen to His voice and He sounds like the voice of many waters and when He speaks He melts away my shame. He takes our sin and transgressions, our filthy rags of unrighteousness and he imputes His righteousness upon us, His holiness where once I was black. Yes, to feel my sin and to know my righteousness, the two must always go together! “For we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is! “I am clothed in rags, He looks upon me and saw me naked, uncared for and told me to “live” and I was made alive and He clothed me in His robes of righteousness! Oh, do not look upon me for I am nothing, look upon Christ in me and I am everything! This is the mystery of the Gospel hidden for ages to be revealed in this age to all that will take Christ as the lover of your soul. His eyes will burn the very lust that has taken you captive for years and set you free from all care. What a glorious confidence we can have in the blood of the Lamb! The sanctifying influences of the Spirit comes to us daily to change us into his image.
Beloved, you are being conformed into his image. The more you see your blackness, the more you will see the image of Christ being formed in you. Thank God, He is the will and the do! My job for the rest of my life is to receive his precious kisses and let them draw me into a steady run all my days. But you must come to Jesus daily, aware of your self righteousness, aware of your own self preservation and say once again, please oh please, I am so very black. Black in myself, but yet so comely, so fair, lovely, inexpressibly glorious through the righteousness of Jesus. Its a win, win my dear! He is our Knight in shiny amour that rescues us from ourselves everyday and in every way possible.

3 Replies to “BLACK BUT COMELY”

  1. God is truly awesome! Thank you for our relationship with him Jesus Christ! In my study bible God calls this a”Love Feast”:1 Corinthians 11:17-34. Wow God! The world knows nothing about “Tough Love”after one reads this scripture!

  2. John the babtist said he must increase and i must decress he was talking about ministrey, but i see this very same thing in our own lives, the lord ttakes the things away from us that will hinder our relationship with him, stuff that greives the Holy Spirit Our old way of thinking, anything that stops us being close to him, none of us have far to look, but im joyful today that He loves us and has a life for us, He will help every one of us as we abide in him, he changes us from were we are to what he wants, he is never done with us, im so glad God isnt like John wayne saying im only going to tell you once! He is loving and patient and has unending unconditional love for us, im thankful he does deal and love his children gave us life and corects us so we dont stray very far to territorys that would take our relationship, hinder it or cause us to miss out on his presence and hiscontrol of our lives. Id ruther have him calling the shots than me. his ways are so much better for us as aloving savior and lordd, I enjoy the rich times im with him in his presence, cant compare nothing to this, just enjoying him and him alone, I dont want anything to take this away from me, its walking with him daily and letting him be my lord, get randy scott out of the way, so the lord can do what he wants, when im out of his way he can move in my life, then I understand and really can see him as he is, and the love he has for us

  3. Just yesterday a brother and I discussed this very topic. We plan on studying God’s word on this topic. I have heard it preached that Jesus is our answer for every problem; I believed & believe it is true, but I experienced that reality in my life on 11/12/2010.
    Months before this date I diligently strived to straighten up parts of my life I did not like (tend my garden). After much effort I gave up, No matter how much I focused my energies on my problems they lingered – it was depressing; instead I spent that time and effort just seeking the Lord. It was on 11/12/2010 that God had me stop and take account of my life and it was then that I realized as I wholly focused my attention on my relationship with God, He was cleaning up my life. Some scriptures that I believe refer to this event in my life are Matthew 11:28,29 and Hebrews 4:11.
    My analogy is this; my life is equal to a garden. I am responsible for the upkeep of the garden yet He does the weeding/work. He does the weeding/work when I invite Him to spend time with me. The more time we spend together – the more weeding/work He does! Praise God!!!!!!! I had received a vision on 09/04/2011 that very much is in line with this. It was at the end when God and I stood surveying the messy garden He said, “Lets clean this up – all I ever wanted you to do is spend time with Me.”
    As I said yesterday, “The benefits of His presence is a list that overwhelms me!” / Empty hands raised high

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