2012 “LOST”

Luke 19:10 “for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

We at Victory Fellowship have named the year 2012, “LOST”. We feel the Lord intensifying His call to follow Him in seeking and saving the lost. Have you ever been led by the Lord to pursue the unsaved aggressively? In our tolerant, seeker sensitive, relevant world; evangelism can be considered intolerant or narrow minded. How dare us impose our beliefs and values on anyone else. Don’t you know that everyone’s opinions and beliefs are valid and just as significant as yours? At least that is what the world believes. For those who know Christ and listen to His voice, you know the time is now to reach out to the hurting, confused, and disillusioned who are around us every day.
How would one know that the Lord is calling you to reach out to the lost? Its really quite simple. It often starts with a growing compassion for an individual or a group of individuals. Every time you see this person (or persons) or even think about them there is a growing compassion for them. Sometimes its as if you can even feel their pain. This is a sure indication that the Lord is calling, equipping, and anointing you for this opportunity for evangelism.
This reminds me of my wife Parris and her love for hurting young women. All throughout our Christian journey, Parris has talked about having a ministry for these hurting young girls. This compassion (some would call it a burden from the Lord) resulted in the forming of a rehab ministry called Mary’s Song. The result of yielding to this affection and passion for hurting young women has been a steady stream of girls giving their lives to Christ, being nurtured and discipled 24 hours a day, and finally reentering their world with a new faith, a new confidence, and frankly, a brand new life. There is nothing that compares to the joy of seeing the lost found, to see them discovering a love for Christ and beginning a brand new life.
Have you ever felt a love for someone or a group of someones that you do not know? If you have, be assured that this is the work of the Holy Spirit. All that is left for you to do is to yield. This compassion from the Lord is supernatural in nature and is a guarantee for success in the area that the Lord is calling you to. Rest assured, if you yield to this calling from the Lord, you will not be alone. You may be surprised at others who are feeling the same thing. Obviously, if the Lord is involved in this strange kind of love, He is speaking to others as well. Maybe He is calling you to work with young women, Mary’s Song always needs help. Maybe, He is calling you to reach out to the homeless, there is a group of people that do that on a regular basis here at Victory. Could it be evangelism in the inner city that is pulling at you, every Friday night there is a team on the streets at Broad Street in New Orleans. The opportunities are endless; from prisons to hospitals, from child evangelism to ministry in the retirement homes, there is a place for you to reach the lost.

4 thoughts on “LOST 2012”

  1. Jesus came to save those and all those that are lost, many dont take him up on his offer but many do! how can there hear unless we tell them? all of us are in the reconceleation ministry in one way or another, if we are walking with the lord and know him. our lives reflect him, the lord may call us into a certain type of ministry and he has with alot of us, I pray to be pleaseing to him in all listen very closely, and yeild, souls are out there that need him, he has trusted us with Him we are his ambasitors, if I do this there will be fruit for the lord, souls will come into the kingdom , you never know what the lord may be doing in the hearts of the people we are in contact with or the ones we meet, if we are faithful to the lord we will see alot, His word will not return void sometimes we see it work right away sometimes not as quick I dont ever want to grow weary If we are lead in all there will be fruit and souls will come to salvation.

  2. Ginny Ostermeier

    Thank you Pastor & Parris for all you do for the young women who come to you, they are truely blessed to have you and thank you for being obedient to this calling. We pray for you.

  3. Roberto Espinoza

    I was once lost, on Nov. 1986 I found GOD working in my life, and he’s been with me ever DAY!!
    Thank You Paster Frank, Roberto Espinoza

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