When Horses become Children—–Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

Song of Solomon 1:9, “I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh’s chariots.”

Once again I am brought back to 1994 with one of the many, many services we were having, soaking in His presence. In one service, I was brought into a vision of horses, all very strong and beautiful running together, kicking up dirt with all of their muscles showing. As they galloped wildly together they begin to run in unison and they looked so majestic. Their timing and rhythm slowly was perfected and suddenly before my eyes they became children. I believe the Lord was simply telling me in our childlike states, we can walk in unity and become majestic as horses. There is nothing that is more powerful than the Body of Christ.
The Lord, in the Song of Solomon, used horses to describe his bride. Spurgeon says, “Christ’s church and people are compared to “the horse” for their strength, majesty, and comeliness; they are strong in Christ, and in his grace, and of an undaunted courage in bearing hardships, reproaches, and persecutions for his sake, and in fighting the Lord’s battles; and are stately and majestic, especially a company of them in Gospel order, and are very comely and beautiful in their trappings, clothed with the righteousness of Christ, and the graces of his Spirit; and to a “company” of them, a collection of goodly ones, as Egyptian ones, reckoned the best; and those in Pharaoh’s chariot best of all; choice, costly, well fed, and well taken care of; and not wild and loose, but coupled and joined together in a chariot, all drawing one way. Christ’s church and people are a choice and select company, distinguished from others by the grace of God; cost a great price, the blood of Christ; are well fed with the finest of the wheat; and are under the care both of angels and Gospel ministers; and look very beautiful as under the yoke of Christ, and joined together in Gospel bonds, being of the same faith and judgment; drawing one way, striving together for the faith of the Gospel, and endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.”
It is as if He is saying, Fear not, I have put my strength in thee. Zech 10:3 “The Lord has made thee as his goodly horse in the day of battle.” We are weak within ourselves, but if Christ make us as horses, strong and bold, we need not fear what the powers of darkness can do against us. He admires our beauty and our strength as we cooperate with his Body.
Sometimes it takes time for the body to get in line with each part, even a newborn colt has to get his sea legs! We can all run wildly around stirring up our own dirt, panting and sweating and making lots of noises, but there is nothing as beautiful as galloping horses all running together. We have a battle to win, a race to run, lets be a part of his body, come as a child.
Daniel 11:32, “but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”


  1. very good example ive enjoyed seeing pictures of horses running together in unity, i have worked teams and when they move together like this in balence with each other it is very good they are in a good move yoi can get done what needs to be done. It only takes one horse that wont do it and the team has a harder time and they have to work harder to do what needs to be done and are tired by the one that wont go with them, their ears go back and they may bite each other, the driver and the horses can get frustrated, but its great when all are in unity and they then have the power to do what is needed and a team like that gets rewarded by the owner, I give a team like that treats extra goodies when on the wagon train, we go every year if we can make it, we are 1week on the trail sometimes up to 200 wagons, my job is to go ahead and find stream crossings look for slides and find ways to get threw we go 12 miles a day almost all the way to oklahoma from northern arkansas, we have to relie on those horses and if one horse wont get in unity with the team we have to put that wagon in the back of the train so other wagons can move in unity, the wagon in back has to catch up to the train cant stop a train or we dont make our 12 miles a day we are timed to pull into the rodeo grounds at the end of the ride to kick off the northwest arkansas rodeo we parade the arena with the indians in full costumes leading us carring the american flag with the lord someday we will be going before him with Jesus and the Heavenly host leading us hope we are walking and stepping in unity here and now.

  2. You dont want to be in the back of a wagon train, you get all the dust, some not happy with your team because your team held them up and you get to smell all the horse gasses, they all pass alot of gas pulling those wagons you could be caught behing over 400 horses passing gas! and you may even desearve it because you didnt train your team before bringing them on the wagon train.

  3. I think of the body of Christ as his members. We are also his church in the earth. We all know that our spirit,soul,and fleshly body are one. Many times in the past pastors Frank and Paris referenced a group of Christians who called themselves “Gods Army”. That name really makes me think of 2 timothy 2:1-4 in the scriptures. Let every brother or sister in Christ take that scripture to heart! God bless you all friends!

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