Gal. 4:19 My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you..

Have you ever been morphed? If you are a real Christian, that is exactly what is happening to you. You are being changed by the power of God into something quite different from what and who you were. He is making all things new as you are being changed. In this verse you can feel Paul’s love for his spiritual sons and daughters in Galatia. They had been misled by false teachers and Paul was gently calling them back into the truth of the gospel. You can feel his compassion as he speaks about travailing in prayer. What is the point of Paul’s appeal? He is praying that Christ would be formed in them. After all, Christ was Paul’s message. Christ in us was the mystery of the riches of the glory that Paul reached every where he went. He knows that the very essence of the Christian life is Christ, having Christ formed in us is essential on many level. Vine’s word study book helps clarify Paul’s meaning as he spoke of Christ being “formed” in us.

“‘formed’ refers, not to the external and transient, but to the inward and real; it is used in Gal.z 4:19, expressing the necessity of a change in character and conduct to correspond with inward spiritual condition, so that there may be moral conformity to Christ.”

What an amazing truth. The change that happens to our very nature is not human and is not generated by human will power. The very essence of our Christian life is spiritual. It is actually the life of God in the soul of man. Christ makes His home in our hearts and actually changes us. Christ is formed in us, He begins to express His very nature in us. We begin to take on the characteristics of our Lord. What would that be like? He is kind, patient, generous, holy, long suffering, loving, joyful, and relentless in the pursuit of God’s kingdom.
Here are various translations of Galatians 4:19 and their different emphasis on Paul’s powerful words.

NEB- till you take the shape of Christ

Message- Christ’s life becomes visible in your life

Expanded- you truly become like Christ

Barclay- until the nature of Christ be brought to birth within you

The Voice- until the Liberating King is formed completely in you

Amp. Until Christ is completely and permanently formed(molded) in you

Living- until the time when you will finally be filled with Christ

TCNT- till a likeness of Christ shall have been formed in you

Good News – until Christ’s nature is formed in you

So let me ask you again, have you been morphed? If you are walking with God you are being changed into another person. He is not making minor adjustments, He is performing a drastic overhaul. You are being drastically transformed into someone different. How different would that be? You are being changed into the very likeness of Christ Himself.

2 Replies to “MORPHED”

  1. Makes me ponder about a caterpillar and his life. They climb in the trees falling down , people stepping on them and dying and some make it back to the safe place ( the tree) . There prettiest moments in life is after they seperate themselves from everything in this little cocoon. The change that takes place in that ugly piece of mud of some sort just blows my mind. After the little creature goes through this change its like he comes out beautiful and totally different. His life as a catterpillar turned into a life as a beautiful butterfly. All of a sudden the little kids try and catch the butterfly and lock it in a cage. Then theres some people that’s just cruel and step on them , swing things at them or catch them and lock them up and just look at them. No one remembers the caterpillar, it seems like the hardest part of his life was after the beauty came upon him. I would rather die a butterfly , get locked up, things swung at me , maybe even die then to just get stepped on and die. Either way they die a catterpillar or a butterfly. Gods nature amazes me!

  2. What an amazing God we ha ve. I have went from one person that was in the dark to one who is in the light. Wow praise Him, I have found a new life that I didn’t even know I had. Thank you Holy Spirit. It’s amazing how He transformed me into Him. I dont even know where that other guy went ans I dont care. All the stuff I used to do is gone and a new life has begun. I remember when I was under that bowl and it was so dark under neith it and finally it lifted off of me and I am nothing but light, not because of me but because of my Father. Thank God I got saved in Prison. He is shaping me into Him more and more everyday. I look forward to get up every morning now to read my Bible and spend time with my Father. Wow what a new world. I am in Him and He is in me. All I have to say is, Thank you for dieing on the Cross for my Sins and for giving me a new LIFE in Him. I Love you. Well I guess you can say i am MORPHED. Praise Him. Thank you for your Presence.

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