Psa. 62:1 ¶ Truly my soul silently waits for God;
From Him comes my salvation.

Does it ever seem like God is just slow. You know what I mean, He says something and it takes years for anything to happen. David learned to “wait on the Lord” while living in caves while as he ran from King Saul and his army. David received a promise from the Lord as a young boy, this promise took about seventeen years to begin to come true. In the mean time David did a lot of waiting. He didn’t have to wait alone though. The Lord was very present by the power of his Spirit upon David. Waiting does not have to be tedious, it can be filled with pleasure found only in the presence of the Lord.
John Trapp said, ‘Waiting is nothing else but hope and trust lengthened.” Luther said, “My soul is still (calm) in God.” Pool remarked that waiting is “silently, quietly, and patiently looking up to God for deliverance.”
Albert Barnes said, “My soul waiteth upon God – Septuagint, ” Is not my soul subject to God?” So the Latin Vulgate. The Hebrew word – du – means ” silence, quiet, rest” ; and then, a silent expectation or hope. The idea here is, “Truly toward God is the silent waiting of my soul” ; that is, ” In him alone do I trust; there is calmness of mind; I have no apprehension as to what can happen. My mind is at peace, for I feel that all is in the hands of God, and that He is worthy of entire trust and confidence.” The feeling is that which exists when we have entrusted all to God; when, having entire confidence in his power, his goodness, his wisdom, his mercy, we commit the whole case to him as if it were no longer our own. Such is the calmness – the peace – the quiet – the silence of the soul – when all is left with God.”
Jonathan Edwards points out the utter focus on God Himself that waiting involves. We are not just waiting, our eyes are fixed on Him as we wait.
“Looking to, or looking for, are used as phrases equivalent to trusting, seeking, hoping, waiting, believing on… Behold, as the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their master, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until that he have mercy upon us.”
Do you feel like the Lord has forgotten you and His promises that He made or maybe you could have been mistaken about His promises? Turn your affections and attention on God Himself. When we acknowledge Him and draw near to Him several things happen. First, His presence is more than enough to lift, encourage, and satisfy us in our journey. Secondly, the promises are confirmed and strengthened in us as we look toward Him. Finally, the promise itself is fulfilled, it seems when we are fixated on God rather than his promises that the promise suddenly appears. So I think I am going to practice “waiting silently” like David did, that is the place of utter rest and contentment.

4 Replies to “WAIT UPON THE LORD”

  1. waiting and being yeilded to the Lord is a very good place to be. under his covering. no matter what is going on to have peace and joy that only comes by Him. I asked the Lord why? how? and He told me, be still know I am the Lord. it was a time of trails in my family, I couldnt get out as much taking care of my wife, being permanitly disabled myselve due to my hands being injured, I asked the lord to let me go out to the people because I couldnt go out as much, The lord brought the people to me! He told me to rest in Him be faithful in today not look at anything else, we sat on our porch and talk to the people passing by, many come over sit on our porch with us and we get to talk to them about the Lord, some en d up coming into our home and we share much m ore with them, sometimes others come over and share with the people we meet, things will happen if we rest and commite our lives, the lord told us all to go out and make disiples to Him not converts but disiples, people that will follow and live for the lord with Him in their lives, we are very tired of hearing, just come to Jesus every thing will be peachy! you can still sin and repent in your own convenience, you can have the world and the Lord also. this is very wrong many are doing this. No one will enter in to his peace and love under his covering that practise this. It is so much better to be under his covering receiveing his grace to do what is right in his eyes being obedient to what He wants in our lives trusting Him to bring it all to pass in his time, being faithful in what he gives us to do and all the little things, if we are faithful in the little things he will give us more. I was telling my friends this morning they come over every morning to have coffee with us , I was shareing how blessed we really are, that the lord saved us and we have his hope and his love and his covering in our liv es, were before we had none of thiss, these that come over early are new belivers we share different with them because they know the Lord all the others we are shareing the lord with that dont know himyet. hopeing some will come to him, all this is happening and I can only leave our home these days for only a short time! we never know what the Lord may do.

  2. God at times has us waiting for the answer to prayers! Ecclesiastes 3:1,17. Nehemiah 2:1-20. Luke 11:3. John 11:9. Luke 4:5. Job 3:6. Luke 18:12. Daniel 9:2. Revelation 10:6. The majority of these scriptures deal with the passing of time. Days,hours,moments,months,weeks,years,and finally the end of time. Eventually will be living in eternity with God friends! Cherish each moment!

  3. words of wisdom ,and encoragement .I needed that , thank you. and yes God Himself is our blessing !

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